Friday, November 4, 2011

For Sale : The Wedding Girl by Madeleine Wickham

The Wedding Girl
Madeleine Wickham a.k.a. Sophie Kinsella
Black Swan
RM27.00 (incl. delivery)
Year It was Bought
Reason to sell
As usual, I have 2 copies of this! hahaha

Thursday, November 3, 2011

7-Month Hiatus

I believe this is long enough to make anyone sneeze when they drop by my page. =p
Pardon my hiatus; work hasn't been kind and health has been not up to par. Now that I'm on my unpaid leave til mid Jan next year, I shall have the time to get back to reading (and now cross-stitching too!).

The only update I've done today is on the post "50 Books a Year Challenge". 22 more books to go in less than 2 months! Wish me luck!

Despite the hiatus, the book hunting and shopping didn't halt at any point. =p

Will add more posting sooooooooon!

Btw, since I've picked up cross-stitch one more blog has been created to dedicate to this new found passion (and patience?). Drop by Ruz's Craft if you would like to see what I'm up to besides reading. ;) Bemindful that it is still undergoing some refurbishment and there is only one post to kick it off. hihihi More to come!
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