Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling

Just So Stories
Rudyard Kipling
Random House UK Ltd.

Stories of the whys you never thought about. =) This book contains 12 short stories. Quite a good book to read aloud to children. I like the short story titled The Cat That Walked by Himself. It is a story of "why" dog guards house and follow its master to go hunting, "why" cats stay indoor and catch mice, "why" horses provide transportation and "why" cows are to give warm white milk. =)

After reading the stories, you'd know that "elephants used to not have trunks" and "how they have trunks like they do today". =p

List of short stories in the book;
How The Whale got His Throat
How The Camel Got His Hump
How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin
How the Leopard Got His Spots
The Elephant's Child
The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo
The Beginning of The Armadillos
How The First Letter Was Written
How The Alphabet Was Made
The Crab That Played With The Sea
The Cat That Walked by Himself
The Butterfly That Stamped

Strictly fiction peeps. Don't get too into the stories. Hihi

Note : No picture taken for this book as it was read in a bookstore. =p

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rainbow Bookshelf

What's a rainbow bookshelf? I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!!! It is just soooo b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. See the picture below. It was taken from chotda.

I first saw a rainbow bookshelf in a movie but I can't recall which so I googled and found the beautiful pic above. :) Quite a number of people has attempted to have a rainbow bookshelf too. Some turned out quite well.

Not enough? Wanna see more rainbows?? Click here to get to the collection.
Wanna see other creative bookshelves? Check it out here.

I wanna have one too but I'd need a bigger bookshelf and of coz more BOOKS. I don't have too many books with bight-coloured spine and I have too many white ones. Will I shop for books according to colours? No!!! =p

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret
Rhonda Byrne
Beyond Words Publishing

Main focus of the book is the Law of Attraction. It states that we, ourselves control what we want and our fate as it is all determined by our thoughts, feelings and actions. In the first chapter, it elaborates what Law of Attraction is, its relation with the Universe and us. As the book moves on, it covers how one can implement the law of attraction in life, health, wealth, relationships and etc.

Being one of the Top 10 bestseller for quite a number of months in the local bookstore, this book must have touched a lot of readers. Anyhow, I believe it goes back to the basic rule of life; you want something, believe in yourself that you can achieve it and with that you'll work towards getting what you want.

The author included excerpts from people who had implemented The Secret in their lives like Jack Canfield (the author of the Chicken Soup books), Morris Goodman (The Miracle Man) and some others.

I see this as the message in this book; Be positive and be thankful always. Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want or don't like. ;) Would be quite a good book for those who are feeling low and losing belief in getting what they want in life.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
F. Scott Fitzgerald

When I started reading the first chapter, here's what I know; IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE MOVIE I WATCHED. The story started from the day Benjamin Button was born. He was (of course) born old and wrinkled. He could talk and eat like an old man. His father tried very hard to raise him like a normal kid. He dyed Benjamin's hair. Shaved his facial hair and even dressed him up to look like a kid. Benjamin grew younger from looking like his father's father to his father's brother. Matters got worse when he has his own child named Roscoe and when Roscoe has a child. He just kept growing younger until he needed a nanny in the end.

For those who wants or have watched Benjamin Button the movie, let me elaborate how the story in the book is different from what is played in the movie. Firstly, the book didn't mention his mother died after she gave birth to him but the idea was there anyway. Roger Button did not abandon his old-looking baby at some old folk's shelter and he does not own a button factory. He owns a factory which produces nails. Benjamin was supposed to be named Methuselah but Roger Button changed his mind due to Benjamin's condition. Benjamin could talk the moment he was born. He managed to get into Yale but he was later expelled due to his looks.

He then got married to the most sought-after girl (not a professional dancer) and has a son named Roscoe not a girl like in the movie. Roscoe knows his father. Therefore, no letters were left for him to read at his mother's death bed. Roger Button did not leave Benjamin Button and Benjamin Button did not leave Roscoe Button. In the story, as Benjamin grew younger, he became his grandchild's playmate. The story did not end with him dying in his wife's arms. Best of all, the book didn't mention about the clock which ticks in anti-clockwise direction. =p

Which one do I prefer? Well, pretty hard to tell. It is 2 different stories with the same focus; someone born old but keeps getting younger everyday.

Note :
No pic for this book as it was read on an iPod Touch. Those with iPod Touch or iPhone, get Stanza. The book is free. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kindle 2

Wouldn't it be lovely to have something to read everywhere you go everytime? Sure it is! Especially when you have to wait for someone, line up while waiting for your turn to order your food, wait for food, wait for a cab and ...Waiting sucks and the only thing which could help to control the anger is r.e.a.d.i.n.g. Here's a device which could enable you to bring more than 50books with you wherever you go; Mr. Kindle 2!

For those of you who have never heard of Kindle, here's a link to read up and catch up. ;)
It was developed by Amazon in 2007. Kindle 2 is born this year; 2009! It is made to be an ebook reader. Users can purchase their books on Amazon and read it right away anywhere they are provided that they have internet connection to make purchases.

Could it read normal ebook formats like HTML, .doc, pdf and etc? I believe it could as Amazon offers the service to convert it to AZW, which is the format supported by Kindle.

What's so special?
1. Paper-like display
2. Built-in dictionary...*shweeettt*
3. Light & THIN; thinner than a pencil!
4. Its battery could last up to more than a week! Myyyyy how kewl is that???!!!

I'm not gonna cover ALL 'ere. Wanna know more? Visit Kindle 2 on Amazon.

You can also watch its review on YouTube.

Excited about it yet? Wanna know the price of one unit? USD359...that should be about RM1312.50. Expensive? Don't worry. I doubt it will even be in Malaysia. Previous Kindle was only available in the US. :|

Would I like to have one? Sure! Why not right? Please gimme atleast 200books in it too. =p
It would be nice to have it but I can do without it. Plus, I've got my Mr. iPod Touch and I can read ebooks on it too! :D

Monday, February 16, 2009

Buying books on MPH Online

Ever bought books online?
Well, this is actually my first time. ;) There'z alwayz a first time...rite?
Anyway, I didn't plan to do this but my friend wanted to buy a book for her husband and MPH offers 30% discount if it is bought online. She wanted to buy right away but when she saw delivery is FOC for purchases above RM150, she thought of just dropping the idea. Anyway, the delivery charge is only RM7.

Anyway (just so that we could get free delivery)...I ordered a book my mom had wanted few months ago. Still, it is less than RM150. Thought adding another book would make it RM150, I put into the shopping cart 1 of the book I had in my list. Reach RM150? Nope. I then contacted my bestfriend and asked if she wants to buy a book...and just my luck, she said Yes. ;)

In order to make purchases, you've got to register yourself at MPH Online. Look for the books you'd like to buy and add it to your shopping cart. To confirm the order, you'll need to confirm the shipping address. Best part it, it doesn't always need to be your house as you can opt to send it to other maybe your parents' and friends. Pretty good birthday surprise eh?

Payments can be made via Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa), Cash/Cheque Bank In and Maybank2u. Cash/Cheque Bank In is a new method of pay
ment offered. Not too sure how it works. I paid mine via credit card.

Once you've made the payment, your order will be displayed under the Book Order Status option. Delivery date varies depending on the availability of the books ordered. I placed my order on the 10th of Feb and the expected delivery date is 17th Feb. However, the books were delievered yesterday (16th Feb). Not bad eh? 3 working days only. :)

The delivery was handled by Skynet. I believe the despatch person will call before the package is delievered.

Lemme give you a lil sneak preview of the packaging. ;)

p/s: Sowie if the pics are pretty blurry. Had to rely on the camera phone; cam is still not with me. =p

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Watch first or read first?

Would you prefer to read a story or watch it in the cinema?
A number of movies are based on novels. I'm not too sure if I like it but the movies hit the top of the movie charts most of the time.

To be honest, I've never read any of the Harry Potter books but I've watched all its movies. Do I like what I watch? Maybe I do. Why I do not read it? I'm not too into reading other people's fantasies. Maybe that is also why I don't read sci-fi. Quite a limitation there eh? Well, not everybody likes the same thing,rite? =p

Some classic novels which have been made into movies are :
Pride and Prejudice
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Importance of Being Earnest
and many many more.

Some of my friends started reading some particular books after they have watched the movies. i.e. Twilight, Lord of The Rings....
I've never tried reading classics maybe because I was so into chic-lit and other genre but I'm willing to try soon. Plus, the ones published by Penguin Publishing is normally sold at RM8.90 or so only.

A Walk To Remember the movie used to be very hot many years back. I watched it first then only I read the book. The movie itself is pretty touching but the book does a lot better. However, I was very frustrated with the movie based on the novel P.S. I Love You written by Cecelia Ahern. The movie is about 60% different from the story I read. Well, I do know that there are limitations on turning the book into live but anyway, I still don't think crucial scenes in the book should be altered.

Upcoming movie is Confessions of A Shopaholic. I foresee it is going to be on top of the chart as many girls out there are eagerly waiting for it to be shown in the cinema. Will I go and watch it? Yes IF I have the time and chance to. All the book fans are waiting too I assume but they know the settings itself is different as in it is in New York instead of UK. The actors and actresses? Well, there are quite a number of threads on the net discussing about it as many has different preferences on who they want to play which character in the book. Anyway, that is still something minor to me coz the most important thing is that they do not change any of the storylines!

Another one to be out based on a novel is If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern. Not too sure when it will be in the cinema but as of now, it is still in the making.

'Nuff bout chic-lits and classics. Marvels are also made into movies. Like Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Superman. Not too sure if everyone likes it but I definitely loveeeee Superman! Be it in the series or movies. (Never tried the marvels...hihi)

Comics into movies? They've Doraemon.hihihi

As a conclusion, I still believe we should read a book first before watching its movie as there are limitations to what humans could show on the screen compared to what we have in our brains as we read a book.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Malaysia Book Community on Facebook

I believe many of us (if i can't say ALL of us) are on Facebook.
A new group has been created by a booklover names Vincent Cheng; BooksterHub.
Its main aim is to gather all the booklovers together to discuss and share about books with other booklovers. I'm soooooo happy the moment I saw it advertised and joined right away! (Yes,I'm that excited!)

As of now, Vincent is on the mission to gather atleast 1000 members. He plans to approach the local bookstores like MPH, Times, Borders and Popular to entitle us to have discounts and vouchers while promoting books in their stores on BooksterHub.The current number of members as I'm typing this is 966. ;)
I believe I've invited most of you on my Facebook to join this group too. However, IF I happen to miss you out, click here to join the group.

C'mon guyz! Letz realize this. I really hope we can get discounts and all. Plus, we have RM1000 exemption from tax for bookz!!!!

Hope to see you guyz in the group soon.

To those who are already members, here's a news for you. BooksterHub site will be launched once it reaches 1000 members AND get a collaboration with atleast A bookstore, that is when perks come in! We might get free books to read and review! Looks like BooksterHub is seriously going to be HUGE! :D I soooo can't wait! I believe you can't too so letz reach 1000 asap!

Not interested?Not a booklover?No prob. Just spread the news to others who might be interested. ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reading Tools

Books could come with accessories too. Just like how you buy a fancy cover for your Apple iStuff, handphones and laptops.

Crucial thing to be done before reading a book (esp if it is your book and u plan to not give it away) is WRAP it!!! =p When you pause your reading, use a bookmark so that you
- don't have to dog ears the page(s) you stop at.
- use a lil portion of your brain to remember the page number.
- lay your book flat opened on the floor/bed/... and spoil its spine.
- don't lose the last page you were at.

Btw, bookmarks could be anything as long as it is thin enough to be inbetween the pages and do not ruin the book.

I'm aware of the existence of reading tools as I often see it at the bookstore. MPH even sell theirs online. They have manifiers which serve as bookmarks, fancy wire bookmark, wallet readers which are thin traveling reading glasses and more.

To view what they have, click here.

I believe Times, Kinokuniya and Borders has got their own range of reading tools too but I couldn't get hold of any items on their websites. It is available in most of their stores though.

Today I bumped into an interesting tool. It provides lighting where readers need it; on the page they are at! This would be useful for those who usually have a hard time to turn off the lights when they are done reading at night right before their bedtime.Wanna know more? Click here. The website is in Mandarin and No!I do not read Mandarin...can't read :( but the pics are there. I believe this item is battery operated but not too sure what kind of battery it uses and if it comes with a warranty. I might get one I think (not now though)....for future usage. ;) See the pic above and maybe you'll get what I mean. LOL! The price? RM15 only. Pretty impressive.

When I read academic-related books and need to jot down quick notes, I use Post-It notes. :) I find it very convenient and yea...I could keep my book clean and at the same time jot down important points I've read in the page.

Other tool which I think would be nice to have is an electronic dictionary (if you call it a tool at all). There are so many brands out there with so many different features and languages. I'm yet to get one. *teehee* As of now, I'm fine with the webster I've got on my shelf...and yeah, Mr.Dictonary Dot Com is sufficient enough. (link to eDictionary post)

To those of you who thinks I'm super fussy and thinks I'm taking too much care of my books, here's for you. I love my books very much!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture
Randy Pausch

I could have finished reading this book ages ago but I had difficulties reading it. It is not the grammar. It is not the sentence construction. It is not the choice of words. But during the first half of the never failed to make me cry. Somewhere in between, it made me laugh. The second last chapter made me cry again. :| I don't know if it is just me but I find it extremely sad when I put myself in his shoes and imagine if it was me who has to go through all that. He made me feel atleast half of what he felt. He wrote this book for his children but it is definitely meant for all.

In this book, he covered his childhood, his beliefs and ...... This guy has very strong determination, pure computer scientist (as in his thinking and stuff), academic-oriented and multitasks as much as he could. Then again...he pretty much got luck on his side.

Here are some sayings in the book which I love.

"When it comes to men who are romantically interested in you, it's really simple. Just ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do."
-author's female colleague-

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
-Seneca, Roman philosopher-

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."
-the author-

He had also mention crayons in one of the topics. He is soooooo right about the crayons. I thought I was the only one feeling that way....apparently,I'm not odd. He said that smelling a crayon reminds people of their childhood. It definitely does that!!!! Well, I'm not a big fan of crayons. I hate crayons coz I don't think it could cover a picture well like colour pencils and yeah, I'm no artist. At the age 11, i fell in love with oil pastels coz I could contol them better and could tone them pretty well when I fill in the pictures with colours. :)

I don't know why I took so long to start reading this book. I bought 2 copies of it in May last year; one for myself and another one as a gift to a friend. He loves it. Recently, my bf read it and he loves it too. I thought he was still surviving out there til I googled up his name and got onto Wikipedia and read that he died in July 2008. That's juz about 2 months after I bought the book.

A bookworm-friend of mine asked what is special about this book and if it is similar to Tuesday's with Morrie. Well, it is different. Morrie shared the important things in life. Randy shared stuff about himself which he solely dedicated to his kids. Just like its is a lecture. He should have written more stuff.... *sobsobsob*

The fact that he's from Carnegie Mellon makes me wanna read even more. And yea...his field is Computer Science. :) Love his fun part. His determination. His way of handling little stuff in life which we often make big fuss about. It is such a pity he couldn't be there for his kids and it is sad that his kids are too young to remember ALL. I don't think he has any regrets but I still feel if he had settled down earlier and have kids, it would have been a lot better...then again, who am I to question fate.

Wanna trace him on the cyberworld?
Here are some links.

Randy Pausch on Wikipedia

Randy's Posts on his CMU news page

Randy's list of new on University of Virginia

A page with some of the links to Randy's YouTube clips

Anyway, this is the book I think I'd read over and over again. You may wonder where is the pic with the floral background. Well, my bestfriend borrowed my only I guess the pic will come in later unless I know where the other cams in the house are. =p

p/s: Don't judge a book by its cover!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Accenturianz READ & keep your copy!

When it comes to free stuff, everybody getz excited. However if the free item is a book, I would hear murmurings in the crowd when they open up their goodie bag. Why is that so? Do people despise reading that much? Is it the title of the book? Is it the author?

I had introduced a book titled Lasting Contribution by Tad Waddington twice at the company events. The books were given out twice. The consultant and enterprise people now have a copy but people from the solutions workforce in Accenture should have 2 copies already as they were part of the 2 events held.

I had a few people walk up to me and ask "Why do they give us a book?". When I first heard that question, I was like.. "What?Aren't you happy you get a FREE book????' Well, of coz I didn't say it out loud. A few came to tell they didn't get their copies. (People who reads would truly appreciate free books. =p) Anyway, this does not only happen in my company. It happens everywhere and almost all the time someone gets a book. ODD. Perhaps people prefer other stuff like food. *sigghhh*

The book even came with a cute trailer. Accenturianz, you gotta be proud. This book is written by an Accenturian! and it was given FOC for you to enjoy! (Sooooo lucky to be an Accenturian!!!!)

I'm yet to read the book as I'm pretty drowned in the book-ocean in my room. There is alwayz something to get my head into 'til there are times I cannot decide which book to read first. Hihihi

Anyway, just so you feel happy, the book is worth RM44.90.
Don't believe me? Check it out here.

Last but not least, as another soul in the wonderful Accenture crowd...I'm more than happy to receive another book in my goodie bag for the subsequent events accompanied by vouchers and Accenture t-shirt. Even an Accenture merchandise would be lovely. =) As for lucky draws, put in more Kinokuniya vouchers. K people? *teehee*

Excerpt from my script. This portion was given by one of the Marcomm peep.

" Do you find yourself asking questions like does my work matter, have I made a difference in the world, and how do I engage myself in meaningful work? Sooner or later, every thinking person will ask these questions and will want to do something meaningful. Introducing Lasting Contribution: How to Think, Plan, and Act to Accomplish Meaningful Work by Tad Waddington. Award winning author Tad Waddington is Accenture’s Director of Performance Measurement who is based in Chicago. With his deep appreciation for different cultures and a great interest in philosophy, Tad synthesizes the thought of Aristotle, Sun Tzu, Confucius and many others in writing Lasting Contribution.

He draws insights from information theory, sociology, Zen, psychology, the history of art, management theory, the philosophy of science and a dozen other fields. Tad clearly explains the habits of mind, how to understand the true nature of a problem, and more importantly, how to systematically think through a solution that will have a lasting impact. Nevertheless, don’t be put off yet by his philosophical approach in writing! Using an entertainingly broad range of examples such as Titanic, avatars, Santa Claus, cocktail parties, Oprah’s shoes, squirrels that cause avalanches, and many other vivid examples to make his points clear, this book is both enjoyable and deeply thought-provoking.

Interested? ;) Well, people who think will be. =p
Anyway, no worries about the review. It will come as soon as I finish reading it. Don't hold your breath; still have lotz to read. =p

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bookz I'm Waitin' For!!!

Many bookz will be released like every other of now, I'm waiting for the following bookz to be released so that I get my hands on them!

Title : Twenties Girl
Author : Sophie Kinsella
Tentative release date : August 2009
Why I'm waiting?
It is SOPHIE KINSELLA!!!!Of coz I wanna read!!!! 'Nuff said =p

Title : Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual
Author : Bobbi Brown
Tentative release date : N/A
Why I'm waiting?
Well, it is not that I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown and I do not buy too many of its range either...From the 'trailer', it is a book for ALL. I believe it will be useful to know the basic do's and dont's, teaches you how to select the right colours and of course for the right occasion and etc. Sounds pretty good to me. ;) What's best? They believe blushers go first! My blushers go first all the time coz blushers are simply the best to be on the face first as it gives you a nice feeling to make the rest of your face (& also makes you look done!) and is the best (and also my fav.) member of the make up family coz it could be on its own after moisturizer and powder. =p Ok...better stop blabbin' 'bout make-upz. Don't wanna chase the guyz from reading my blog. Anyway guyz, itz not so easy to be girls but it is FUN! ;)

I wonder if Mitch Albom will come up with a new book this year
Will add more when there'z more..*teehee*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Complete Dave Pelzer series :)

Finally get a complete set of Dave Pelzer's. (Thanks honey!XOXO)

Well,told you guyz I wanna get the book after A Child Called 'It'...the book is no longer available in Bookxcess. Ended up in Kinokuniya after work and saw My Story; a compilation of all the 3 books written by Dave Pelzer. (A Child Called 'It', The Lost Boy and A Man Named Dave).

Price : RM49.90 ONLY
Sponsored by : Mr. Prince Charming ;)

Lemme show off a lil =p The new baby is still in his plastic wrapper...hihi

What I want next? Dave Pelzer's story written by his own bro, Richard Pelzer.

Think there are 2 books related to Dave Pelzer's case which are :
1. A Brother's Journey : Surviving a Childhood of Abuse
2. A Teenager's Journey : Overcoming a Childhood of Abuse

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skin Deep by Catherine Barry

Skin Deep
Catherine Barry
Pocket Books

Skin Deep certainly makes a girl appreciates herself better especially if all she cares about is how she looks. The main character, Finn didn't have a very girly childhood as she wasn't treated like one. Her father sees nothing good in her. She grew up thinking she is ugly. She moved out of her house and got a job in a bank. She was doing pretty well. However, she was still lacking self-confidence that she deserted to have breast implants. Her world went to the top. She had all the attention from guys and she had confidence boost. While she was busy with her new "chest", she upsetted her only bestfriend and the guy she was interested in. She was also too engrossed in her looks to realize the guy she is interested in is also interested in her. *sighhhhh* She lose self-respect. Well, it all ends well. This book has a happy ending so...I'm not gonna spoil the story. =p Read it to enjoy it.

Who I'd recommend this book to?
All the girls who believe good bodies are all that matters. Guyz, look at the stupid great length women go through to impress you. What do you do in return? =p *jkjk*

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Child Called 'It' by David Pelzer

A Child Called 'It'
David Pelzer
Orion Books Ltd.

This book tells the story how Dave was abused from the age 4 to 12. His mother was a very nice woman in the beginning; someone who nurtures and loves her children like any other mothers out there. However, after a period of time she turned into a 'witch' and did the things humans won't even do to an animal. Dave has 4 other siblings but he is the only one abused with the reason he is a 'bad boy'. There were days he went without food. His clothes has more holes than a cottage cheese. His everyday chores have to be done no matter what his condition is. His blanket is newspapers and his bedroom is the basement with no light or bed. His mother doesn't acknowledge his being in the house and in the family. His father tried to tone her down but failed everytime. His father then decided to leave the house.By his father's departure, Dave knew his only hope for safety and love is gone. He struggled in school where other kids called him names, isolated him, beated him and many more. He even lose faith in God. His faith is only in himself to survive another day by telling himself that he will never give in to his mother. He was eventually saved by the teachers in school.

Who I'd recommend this book to?
Everybody. The story is simply very heartbreaking. It makes us aware of child abuse. It also makes us see how inhuman it is. Well, I believe there are more cases now as our living gets more and more demanding. Moreover, Dave's case is the third-worst case of child abuse record in California.

There are two more books written by the author as the continuity on how he survived;
- The Lost Boy (aged 12 to 18)
- A Man Named Dave

I saw The Lost Boy at the Axcess Bookstore but didn't get it last time. If I happen to go there again, I'm surely gonna grab it. (Mr. Boyfriend, please do not be cross. You know I can't help it; won't be satisfied until I know ALL!)

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