Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Book For June

I spotted a book in Times Bookstore yesterday but I did not get it because I've spent wayyyy too much this month. I simply gotta have this book. I hope it could help me.

The Spend Less Handbook :
365 Tips for a Better Quality Of Life While Actually Spending Less
*phew...long title*

Rebecca Ash

John Wiley & Sons Inc.

This book will be right on top of my bookshopping list. June-Daruma Power will be used to decrease the price of this book! =) Gotta pray hard it is still available in Kino when I get there.
Find out more about this book here.
Preview on Amazon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top Tips For Girls by Kate Reardon

Top Tips For Girls
Kate Reardon
Three Rivers Press

Though it says it is for girls, I believe 60% of the contents are useful for boys and girls. The tips covers the area like Travel, Finances, Car, Work, Health, Life and many more. The contents are are extracted from =)

My favourite has got to be the ones in the Beauty, Shoes and Clothes topic.

Some tips covered by the book:

- How To Get Organized If You Use Several Handbags
- How To Prevent Blisters
- How To Stretch Shoes
- How To Slice An Onion Without Crying (I do not have this prob when I have my lenses on but a friend of mine once told me she had to put on goggles when she works on the onions. Poor girl. If she comes back to me and complain about the onions again, I'll tell her what to do...hihihi)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Buy Cheap Books ONLINE

There are many book warehouse sales held throughout the year but unfortunately for some, the sales are not held anywhere near their location. :( I know how you feel. It is wonderful to see the price of the books you want offered at a very low prices. But it is frustrating to know that the sales are nowhere near your place unless you are willing to drive few hours. *sweat*

Let me bring you some good news..if not great news. Especially to those who are at the other parts of Malaysia (or maybe the other parts of world too) where book warehouse sales is not commonly held. ;)

As of now, I've bumped into 5 websites which offers books at low prices. You can also sell your no-longer-wanted books there. ;)

Here you go! Classifieds

Bookster For Sale - Used Books - Wanted

The Books Lover

Note : Great for law students! ;)

You may not find all the books you want but it is still great to know there are sites where you can try your luck to find some cheap ones. Well, you'll never know what you may bump into. ;) Not happy with the number of books you see? Here's what you can do. Introduce more people to the sites! The more people sells, the more books you will see! =)

If any of you happen to know more websites selling books at good prices, feel free to add more to the list. Just drop it in the comment and I'll append to the list. Thanks!

Incase you are still more comfortable to buy books from the well-known local bookstores, you can try Times Bookstores or MPH. I've shared my online book shopping on MPHOnline sometimes ago. To read, click here. As for Times Bookstores, they offer free delivery for purchases atleast RM200. Else, delivery service charge is RM10. To find out more about it, click here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


How good is your spelling? *blink blink*
Well, mine is not perfect but not too bad. =)

Go ahead and check yours. ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Q'reazant Literary Rental Store

Fellow book lovers, check this out!!!

Q'reazant Literary Rental Store

What is it?
It is a book rental store.

Where is it located?
Bandar Baru Bangi.
Too far? U're not in Klang Valley? No worries.

Why they are great?
You do not need to be at their store to rent a book; YOU CAN RENT VIA MAIL!

How does it work?
Register yourself. Make the payment required. Select a book you'd like to rent. Confirm with them. Book(s) will be mailed to you. When you're done reading, mail it back to them. =) Awesome rite? No need to buy a bookshelve.

Who will benefit from this?
1. You do not need to buy a bookshelf. =p
2. You don't have to keep the books you don't like as you are only renting them.
3. You can read a gazillion of books without buying them!
For more info, do log onto their website by clicking the colourful link above. :)
If you've rented from them and would like to share your experience here, feel free to.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Times Bookstore Birthday Privilege

See what I've got in my mailbox yesterday!!!!!!!!

What's the deal?
Lemme show off a lil. =p *nah....I'm actually juz sharing.*

- 20% discount on any books..(of coz it is excluding magz and items on promotion)
- Additional RM3 off my purchase

20% off any books is quite a birthday present. Hihi ^_^
Thank you Times Bookstore! =)

p/s: For those who are wondering when is my bday, well, check out when is Mother's Day this year. It falls on the same date. ;) Wanna send me gifts? Sure! Gimme ur email add, I'll give u my mailing address. LOL. *kiddin'*

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark HAddon

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
Mark Haddon

Christopher isn't an ordinary 15-year-old boy. He's very good at Maths; he knows the the prime number upto 7057 and he could easily multiply in hundreds. Despite all that, he is autistic.

One night, he saw his neighbour's dog, Wellington killed with a garden fork. He was accused of killing the dog but they later found him not guilty. He loves dogs so much that he feels the need to know who killed Wellington.

He loves mysteries too. Particularly Sherlock Holmes. He took Wellington's murder as a mystery he has to solve. While solving, secrets are revealed one by one. The secrets eventually led to the killer.

I love this book. The first-person narration is superb. I don't know how much the author knows about a person with autism but from his writing, he somehow made the audience knows the reason behind their reactions. The book has a very good ending. The storyline is also very down to earth. :)

Btw, Christopher sat for the A-level Maths papers and he did very well. He's a genius. ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Interesting Authors.

Rudyard Kipling
writes only in black ink.

Virginia Woolf
writes standing up.

I wonder why.....
Well, my pens are 98% black because I find blue ink too common and words looks neater in black. Anyhow, if there are no other pens available I still end up with blue pens. Doesn't really matter.

Writes while standing up.....Hmmmm

I believe there are more interesting facts about other authors I'm yet to know.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

:( I wish I Could:

This post is not-so related to books but I've got to write it out anyway...Just to let out how I feel about my reading lately. I can't say it is non-existent as I read everyday. I read work-related stuff. New site. New role. New set of responsibilities and I was extremely clueless so that is when reading comes in.

Reading techy stuff can be quite confusing especially when your head is not with it eventhough your heart knows you have to read it in order to get things done. Gosh! Now I'm starting to sound like a student. LOL!

Anyway, what I'm pretty upset with is....I don't seem to have enough time to read what I'm currently reading. :( Why?

1. I reach home pretty late everyday and the only thing I could do before I sleep is eat my dinner, clean up myself and hit the sack. No time for a single paragraph in a book.

2. I have to get up I do not sleep more than 5 hours per day. :/ If I do, I'd end up being late to work. Thanks to the jam.

3. I can't laze on my bed with a book. Why? No time.O.K. This line sounds like a working adult. *phew!*LOL.

4. Weekends? I foresee that I will work more over the weekends in the next future. Hihi. :) Happy coz I get to work Not too happy coz I might have some personal stuff I wanna get done...and IF I do have my weekends, there'll be lots going on.

What do I do now to satisfy my hunger for reading? Read a lil while having dinner! LOL Progress might be slow but I still get to read. The lust for books can always be satisfied anytime! Why? I can shop online IF I'm so desperate for a new one but as of now, I only see one book purchase this month. (Hint : Remember Daruma? ;) ) Plus, I still have lotsa books on my bookshelves piling up waiting for me to read them. you can see, there is only 1 or 2 updates on my blog lately. No worries. I will continue blogging and talking more and more about book-related stuff you might miss out. ;) Reviews? It will come in right after I'm done with the book I'm reading.

If you happen to have tips on how I could squeeze in reading in my daily routine, do inform. Do not suggest me to read on the road, I'll get headaches. :(

Note : I will continue reading no matter what! Nobody and nothing could ever stop my love for reading and lust for books! =p As for the techy stuff I'm supposed to read, I hope I can release some brain cells for it to reside in. Hahaha! Oh! I soooooo can't wait for the next Sophie Kinsella book!!!!! =)
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