Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Steal Like An Artist
Austin Kleon

Bite-size tips and guides on getting the brain juice flowing. This book is not limited to only aspiring artists. From my point of view, it could help anybody who wishes to create or craft something. Be it writing a novel, sewing, music writing, cooking..anything at all. Anything that involves the activity of creation will benefit from this book.

10 tips given. There are few that many have subconsciously been applying in creation process. 

1. Steal like an artist
2. Don't wait until you know who you are to get started
3. Write the book you want to read
4. Use your hands
5. Side projects and hobbies are important
6. Do good work and share it with people
7. Geography is no longer our master
8. Be nice (the world is a small town)
9. Be boring (it's the only way to get work done)
10. Creativity is subtraction

My favourite tip is the analog and digital segregation at the work desk(Use your hands.). Analog is way to go. It lets one be free. Sketch something. Erase it. Move it. Cut it. Paste it. Digital is just too rigid. It confines ideas. Stealing is an art of its own. 

Get inspired. Be you. Create what you want. ;)

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