Friday, March 18, 2011

Times Bookstore Membership Renewal

Among many bookstores in Malaysia, Times Bookstore's members benefits are great. Best bit is 10% discount on book purchases.

Recently, I went to Plaza Damas to drop by the Times Bookstore Sale. If you refer to my last 2 post, it isn't as good. Might as well just go to the store and grab books there while the world book sale is still on.

I renewed my membership at RM15 for 2 years. Not to bad at all. Guess what? I got RM15 voucher to spend after the transaction! The renewal was FOC. *grinssss* I'm not too sure if the voucher is given everytime but I got it! Thanks Times! :)

I have til end of next month to spend. Then my birthday month will come. Another privilege to enjoy!

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