Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back To Reality by Danielle Allen

Back To Reality
Danielle Allen


Sahara is on the run again. Being torn between two guys, she decided to leave them both and start a new life (again). This time, she maintains the connection with her bestfriend Emily. She has decided to go through therapy. She also learned to make friends. She found out she is missing a mother's love. Odd to her but it is a refreshing change. She avoided Tyree but there is no way she can avoid Emmanuel and she doesn't want to runaway from Emily ever again. 

Emily moved on with her life and business. Since Sahara promised to not runaway again and make up for the lost time with her bestfriend, she deciced to be there for Emily's major life events. With that, she has to be where Emmanuel is. Emmanual is going through a rough time in his life as well.

Sahara eventually decided to be brave and face her fears. She confronted both guys and worked from there on who to be with. She has finally learned to let go and move on. She knows deep down she can't continue keeping things hidden and live a lie. No way she can run from her true love.

My take on this book:
Love love loveeee Danielle Allen's writing. :) I am happy with the ending though I would prefer if she ended up with the other guy. ;) Guess that is the twist of the story. 

This is the sequel to the book Back to Life. If you have missed this review, please click here to have an overview. Danielle Allen can also be found on Goodreads

p/s: Thank you sooo much Carver's Book Cravings for hosting this! It is awesome to be reading great books! Looking forward to more. :)
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