Monday, September 23, 2013

Back To Life by Danielle Allen

Back To Life
Danielle Allen

Walking up to me with his usual confident stride, my breath caught in my chest. Looking unnervingly handsome and unbelievably sexy, he wore burgundy tailored dress pants with a white button up shirt. His burgundy, dark grey and white striped tie was still tucked into his burgundy vest. His grey jacket was unbuttoned and completed his look. “Sahara, this is for you,” Ty lifted the box up higher. “And you will accept it. What you give me pales in comparison to all of this. Take your gift,” he commanded with a sexy smile that sent volts of energy through my body.

Sahara met an accident after a party during her freshman year. It costed the life of her father. It costed lifetime opportunities of her loved ones; her bestfriend and her first love. She put all the blame onto herself. She took off after the accident. Moved to a different state but never stopped punishing herself for the accidents.

For 10 years, she avoided talking about the incident. She avoided contacts with her bestfriend Emily. She avoided feeling happy. It is simply her way of punishing herself for the accident she blamed herself for. She kept herself busy with studies and then work. She spent sleepless nights going back to the time when the accident happened. She avoided relationships as she felt she doesn't deserve feeling happy and that she destroys whoever she loves or loves her.

This ended when she bumped into a beautiful stranger, Tyree Barker. A handsome business owner living in the same building as her. She learned to live her fears and opened up to him like never before. The feelings were mutual. She learned to love. She eventually reconciled with her past.

While everything is going well, she left a little bit of her matter hidden from Tyree. Little did she know they were both doing the same. Will she be able to pick between the man who has always loved her of the mane who loves her for who she is now and gives her strength to live? Will they be able to make it through? Will they be able to resolve their past?

p/s: First book blog tour. Enjoying it! Never tried Danielle's writing but it is great. Made me feel sooooo in love. *tralalalala* I would have given it all the stars but I like sweet happy endings. I  hope there is a little sequel to this! :)

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