Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stationary For Books; Mark the pages!

Typically bookmarks help mark pages where you pause in your reading. What if it is not a reading book? What if you want to mark many pages? Bookmarks will be quite troublesome to use;
1. You will need many bookmarks
2. Many bookmarks between the pages will bloat the book and could also affect its spine.
3. Dog-ear the pages; I despise this! I don't even do it to a single page in any of my books or even mags. It will ruin the page and if you fold too many, one end of the book will look funny. Other than that, the fold can easily unfold and you could lose the page you marked.

If you are still wondering what kind of books I'm talking about, I'm referring to cook books and travel books. Well, there are many more but only these 2 comes to mind as of now.

Solutions to mark multiple pages and yet never lose it the next time you want to browse through the pages? You can jot down the page number on a piece of paper or on some empty space in the book. (Something which requires me to think a gazillion times as I don't really scribble anything in my books...I only write my name and the year I bought it.)

My solution? I use the adhesive coloured labels. ^__^I believe Post-it first came out with it. Costs about RM10 for a pack...which doesn't last me very long even when I've cut a piece into 2 or 3 to cater my needs. I browsed through the stationary section and found another brand and it is obviously chheeeppper; RM5.00. Cut into the right size of strip and has 5 diff colours in one pack. Each pad has 25 pieces. Therefore 25*5, I have 125 pieces. =)

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