Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Chapter by Alicia Loh

The Last Chapter
Alicia Loh
MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd

Piper, 17 years old was thrown out of the house by her mother when she did not win the swimming championship for which she is expected to gain scholarship. She did not understand why her own mother would do such thing. She had nowhere to go. She had never knew of any other relations other than her mother. That night, she was only given a backpack. She had nowhere to go and headed to a river to seek calmness. That is where Jaeson turned up in the picture and gave her shelter.

She then discovered that this boy knows more about than herself. She about to unveil the mystery of her life when Jaeson bumped into an accident. Will she understand why her mother threw her out of her only home? Will she ever find out how and why he knows so much about her? Will she ever know who her father is?

p/s: I was initially frustrated that the book didn't have an ending. I really wondered why was it written that way. Then again, I'm the person who wants good endings to all the books I read. *Can't help it!* I did a little googling today and found Alicia's page and found that there is a sequel to this book. Phewww!!!
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Proceeds from the sale of this book will be channeled to Alicia's medical fund. :)
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