Thursday, August 29, 2013

Boey at MPH Subang Parade

The moment I found out Boey will be in Malaysia and will be going around for book signings, I know I have to attend! Planned to go for the one in Kinokuniya KLCC but failed due to some unavoidable matters at home. MPH Subang Parade is my final chance and I'm glad I could make it! I made it just in time after I participated at Subang Jaya Book Exhange Programme. :)

It was my first time attending a Book Signing Session. Either none of my favourite authors have been to Malaysia or I am not aware of their whereabouts. (I doubt Sophie Kinsella or Amanda Hocking has been in Malaysia for any signings) The session started with a little presentation about Boey's childhood delivered by Boey himself followed by Q&A. I didn't expect to see soooo many kids but yea, there are many! Few 2 things that came to my mind were "Persimmon" and "Can they relate as well as kids in the 80s or 90s do?". Ah well, let's just leave it to their imagination. If they get it, good. If they don't, they can always reread when they reach the age when they would understand better. :p 

Boey speaking of his parents.

Boey talked a little about Maths and weight problem.

Check out the kids!!!! One of them asked him for a movie. hahaha Cute!

This is probably the time when I asked if he is already on Goodreads and he said " you're the one". Yea....hahaha He has to be there. That's where we bookaholics are. :)
Does this look like I am waiting for a teacher to mark my exercise book? :p The stance may look the same but I was very happy to have my book autographed and I got to chat a lil with him too. :) Well, it is not often that we get to meet authors, right?

Cute, isn't it? Can I have a cute character of myself too?

This is me getting excited about taking a pic with Boey. :p

Tadaa!!! This is a nice pic but too bad Book 1 had its back towards the camera. Mr.Photographer forgot to inform *smirk*....when I complained, he said "You've done 99% things right. This is minor". I don't know if I can go to sleep well with this unfixed. I don't even know how to photoshop!

Luck was on my side. After dinner(that was an hour after or so), I went back to MPH and found Boey still seated and calmly entertaining his fans. :) So here are a few more pictures. I made sure the book covers are facing the camera this time!

Below pic isn't good; I had my eye on the other camera.

So here it is! At last. Not too good but I fixed the first problem so I'll make do. :p

Autographed! Both books! :) I'm a happy "kid".

And here's a little something to show off too; When I Was A Kid 2 Shapie!
Got lucky with this one. ;) Thank you Boey!!!!!!

Missed Boey?
You still have few chances left to catch him! If you are in Melaka, you are in luck!

If you still haven't heard of Boey until you landed on my blog, check him out Wiki;

Want to know more about Boey? 
Check out his page This is also where he often updates. Since I can't get enough of his books, this is where I go. And yes, I laugh to myself reading it sometimes.

Get in touch with him:
Official Website:

p/s: This post is written bottom-up. I do this once in awhile coz top-to-bottom doesn't induce much words from my head. Reminds me of the days when I was studying for exams. I read my books and notes from the back. The front part of the books/notes could get a little bit boring coz I've done it way too many times.

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Karen Lee said...

Hi Ruz, I remember you.... We waited till the end too. My eldest was the one who asked Boey for a movie. Cool dude who who is nice to kids...

. Ruz . said...

Hi Karen!
Your eldest was the one? Cute kids! :)Gotta agree with u. He is great with kids and definitely cool. I like his sense of humour. :)

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