Thursday, May 7, 2009

Times Bookstore Birthday Privilege

See what I've got in my mailbox yesterday!!!!!!!!

What's the deal?
Lemme show off a lil. =p *nah....I'm actually juz sharing.*

- 20% discount on any books..(of coz it is excluding magz and items on promotion)
- Additional RM3 off my purchase

20% off any books is quite a birthday present. Hihi ^_^
Thank you Times Bookstore! =)

p/s: For those who are wondering when is my bday, well, check out when is Mother's Day this year. It falls on the same date. ;) Wanna send me gifts? Sure! Gimme ur email add, I'll give u my mailing address. LOL. *kiddin'*


christinejalleh said...

Wow...nice pressie for a bookaholic!

Your birthday's May 10? Mine's May 9 ;-)

Ruz said...

Yup! May 10!
Ur's is 9??Kewl! =)

Happy belated birthday!*hugs*

I'm yet to go to Times to redeem but I can't wait! Hope I don't have to work one of the weekends so that I can go to Pavilion!

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