Saturday, May 2, 2009

:( I wish I Could:

This post is not-so related to books but I've got to write it out anyway...Just to let out how I feel about my reading lately. I can't say it is non-existent as I read everyday. I read work-related stuff. New site. New role. New set of responsibilities and I was extremely clueless so that is when reading comes in.

Reading techy stuff can be quite confusing especially when your head is not with it eventhough your heart knows you have to read it in order to get things done. Gosh! Now I'm starting to sound like a student. LOL!

Anyway, what I'm pretty upset with is....I don't seem to have enough time to read what I'm currently reading. :( Why?

1. I reach home pretty late everyday and the only thing I could do before I sleep is eat my dinner, clean up myself and hit the sack. No time for a single paragraph in a book.

2. I have to get up I do not sleep more than 5 hours per day. :/ If I do, I'd end up being late to work. Thanks to the jam.

3. I can't laze on my bed with a book. Why? No time.O.K. This line sounds like a working adult. *phew!*LOL.

4. Weekends? I foresee that I will work more over the weekends in the next future. Hihi. :) Happy coz I get to work Not too happy coz I might have some personal stuff I wanna get done...and IF I do have my weekends, there'll be lots going on.

What do I do now to satisfy my hunger for reading? Read a lil while having dinner! LOL Progress might be slow but I still get to read. The lust for books can always be satisfied anytime! Why? I can shop online IF I'm so desperate for a new one but as of now, I only see one book purchase this month. (Hint : Remember Daruma? ;) ) Plus, I still have lotsa books on my bookshelves piling up waiting for me to read them. you can see, there is only 1 or 2 updates on my blog lately. No worries. I will continue blogging and talking more and more about book-related stuff you might miss out. ;) Reviews? It will come in right after I'm done with the book I'm reading.

If you happen to have tips on how I could squeeze in reading in my daily routine, do inform. Do not suggest me to read on the road, I'll get headaches. :(

Note : I will continue reading no matter what! Nobody and nothing could ever stop my love for reading and lust for books! =p As for the techy stuff I'm supposed to read, I hope I can release some brain cells for it to reside in. Hahaha! Oh! I soooooo can't wait for the next Sophie Kinsella book!!!!! =)


Joyce C. said...

Can't imagine adult life without reading... The horror! Considering your schedule, I suggest reading while waiting or eating. Any breaks can be squeezed with some book time. My teacher teaches 10 hours a day yet she still has a part of the day for her books (reading is her passion). So, you can do it too!

My friend and I joked about this... Get some 'brain juice' for the techy books. Haha!

. Ruz . said...

Thanks Joyce!

I will steal some time over the weekends to read from now onwards!

As for the techy stuff, I REALLY wish I could blend them together with the other fruits and make it into a fruit juice.Drink it up.Get it to my brain and tadaa!LOL!(if only it was that simple...*siigghh*)

Joyce C. said...

Woah... you're not kidding about getting up early (on the computer, I mean).

Haha! Maybe one day, some mad scientist would be able to stabilize the concoction without making it taste so... zesty. Good luck with those books though. ^^

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