Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top Tips For Girls by Kate Reardon

Top Tips For Girls
Kate Reardon
Three Rivers Press

Though it says it is for girls, I believe 60% of the contents are useful for boys and girls. The tips covers the area like Travel, Finances, Car, Work, Health, Life and many more. The contents are are extracted from www.toptips.com =)

My favourite has got to be the ones in the Beauty, Shoes and Clothes topic.

Some tips covered by the book:

- How To Get Organized If You Use Several Handbags
- How To Prevent Blisters
- How To Stretch Shoes
- How To Slice An Onion Without Crying (I do not have this prob when I have my lenses on but a friend of mine once told me she had to put on goggles when she works on the onions. Poor girl. If she comes back to me and complain about the onions again, I'll tell her what to do...hihihi)

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