Friday, July 5, 2013

Timid by A.B. Hashim

A.B. Hashim
Lejen Press

A book about Angus, a struggling writer who went to an island to have a little time to himself to complete a book while he is in recovery state after learning the love of his life, Fey is getting married to another man.

Never did he expect, he would be under the good moon while he was on the island. He met Beth while he was chilling by the beach. They fell deeply in love. Beth then had to head back to the city while Angus stayed back. While she was away, Angus won a lottery ticket; enough value for him to survive, drink and party. He only had a little affair with another girl, Hilda. Hilda fell for him. He felt good spending time with Hilda but he is very much in love with Beth.

He then left the island. His book deal had to be dropped but apart from that, life is great for him. Beth, his lucky star is with him. He won another lottery. His book was still incomplete. They look forward to going back to the island. Angus rendezvous behaviour is still unknown to Beth! 

p/s: My first alternative book. Bought from I AM LEJEN. Very light reading. Easy to understand. Not suitable for underage readers. Angus to me is a crazy man. How can one live just by drinking and partying? His life mantra is just drink, women, sex and lottery! Beth could somehow help drive him to be sane. Maybe I should write a sequel to this book to end it the way I want it to end. :)

If there is anything good about reading this, it makes me feel that writing it possible for me. :p

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