Monday, July 1, 2013

Watersong Series

Gah! Just when I thought it will be just a trilogy, it turned out to be a quartet!

I have kept the first two books on hold until the third book is out. I have finished reading 2. Bought the third book and now contemplating to read the third book. Guess I'll just wait until the final book is out; Fourth!

Nothing big going on in book two; Lullaby. Can August come quickly? ;)

p/s: Will post a lil something on the author one of these days. Yes, I'm in love with this new genre!

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Nikita Kimistri said...

oh my, ruzana is dat u? am so happy to have found you here! following yours too. cool blog, lovey! :)

. Ruz . said...

Yes, it is me! Good to see you too :)

Blog is rusty...hihi making a come back now!

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