Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daruma at Kinokuniya

Get 28% discount on a book every month at Kinokuniya with A Daruma Card!
What's a Daruma card? See the following ad (taken from Kinokuniya).

How to get a Daruma card?
Spend RM80 on a single receipt and get a Daruma card with one eye missing.

How to get another eye?
Spend another RM80 in a single receipt! =p

What happens next?
You get 28% discount on a book you spend every month starting this month (April) until November. =) Plus 15% discount on one ala carte order at Coffee Club Xpress.

Walk-in purchases ONLY. Only normal price books are entitled for 28% discount.
Daruma must have a pair of eyes by 31st April for it to be eligible to give you 28% every month.

Wanna see my Daruma? ;)


aMiR said...

Hey it only had an eye when i saw it on Monday. Ur not suppose to buy another book till next month!!!

Ur busted lady. Next meal is on u.

Nor Sofiah Ahmad said...

I like it. yeah.... so I should go to Kino today yehoo. I think Kino should has member card. I think if I have that card, I will show it to everyone :P

StarrY said...

So yours has 2 eyes already? the black thing is an eye?

The idea is cute though I would never need it. =p

Ayu Kechik said...

Gyaaa...I want it too!!!!

. Ruz . said...

Go get it peepz!
U've got approximately 2 more weeks!!!! ;)

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