Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now offer @MPH

Dear Cecelia Ahern's fan.

IF you have yet to have your hands on Cecelia's If You Could See Me Now, you may love the promotion MPH has now. For every purchase(any title), you are entitled to get the exclusive cloth bag
FREE! Would be great for shopping so that we can be kind to mother nature and yea...walk around with a pretty pink bag. ;) I've got a copy already so I guess I shouldn't buy it just for the sake of having that bag. Plus, I've bought more than 1 book this gotta pass. :)

I first knew about the promotion when I dropped by MPH in One Utama but didn't take any pics because the security guard was just around the corner and the camera was right on top of my head. *won't take the risk eventhough I don't know if the cam can rotate or was even focusing on my spot* Today, I dropped by Mid Valley MPH and relied on my phone....not a very good quality pic but I got a shot. It is not that I'm stealing anything but's a peak at the poster.

Promotion valid from 1st January 2010 til 28th February 2010. Good new year gift for yourself or your girlfriend. ;) The current version of the paperback copy is thinner compared to the one published last year. I thought they cut down some paragraphs *silly me, I know* til I flipped through and saw the resized the font. :)

How I rank her books (yes.I've read ALL):

1. If You Could See Me Now
2. Thanks For The Memories
3. The Gift
4. The Book of Tomorrow
5. P.S. I Love You
6. Where Rainbows End
7. A Place Called Here

For more info on Cecelia Ahern's books, go to

Ruz :)

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