Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome, 2010!

Finally, I'm in the year I've been waiting for. =)
I believe there will be lots happening this year; be it career-wise or relationship-wise. *hihihi* I still do hope I can read a lot more books than 2009. Will see how work treats me this year.

I still see reading as the shortest escape from the hectic world I'm living in now. It would be great to be in a different place with a different setting once in awhile. However, due to lack of personal time and energy, I barely finish a book after May last year. *ouchhhh!!!*

Anyhow,this year started quite OK (books-wise).
1. Got Kinokuniya RM10 voucher from my bro.
2. Bought a Roald Dahl book. :)

I'm not going to drain anyone with new year's resolution like everyone else but this year, I'd love to collect ALL Roald Dahl's books! One book per month sounds good. :)
Still pretty hard to tell; books are forever irresistable!

A preview of what will rest on my bookshelves this year. ;) Roald Dahl is for ALL! *Else, you won't be watching Charlie and The Chocolate Factory =p *

Lastly, keep on reading you guys!!!! Hope I can update this heaven with posts atleast twice a month. :)


Josette said...

All the best in collecting all of Roald Dahl's books! He's a really fantastic writer. :) Have you read his short stories? They're mind blowing.

. Ruz . said...

Nope. Haven't but will do as soon as I'm done with the set! :)

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