Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long Cool Glass of Books

Thirst for books? Head to Kinokuniya@KLCC. :) Their Long Cool Glass of Books Promotion was on in December 2009. For every RM100 purchase, you will receive RM10 voucher.

I got one voucher for free! Thanks to my bro.Hihihi The voucher is valid from 4th January 2010 til 31st March 2010.

Yet to decide which book to buy must most probably will get another Roald Dahl's as that's my aim this year; to collect all Roald Dahl's!

*I know this may be abit late of an info but you can always drop by Kino as they always have 25-30% discount on their gem books; usually purchase-with-purchase. Still not too bad. I find it more valuable than those offered by Borders. Borders seem to have quite a standard 2 for 3 promo. Don't mind the recipe books but others, I'll pass.*

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