Sunday, June 27, 2010

AWARD : The Versatile Blogger (2)

Wheee! Thank you Gramma Ann for this award! Happy Sunday to all!


The rules are: (Adapted from CMash Loves To Read)
So I guess what I need to do now is share seven five things about myself and pass this on to 15 5 blogs I have recently discovered. Need to cut down to 5 as I've done 15 the last time I received this award. No worries. Will book blog hop morreeeee next weekend! (Can't do much this weekend as I'm working!"Thanks",Mr.Work!)

Anyway, here it goes.

5 Things About Myself

1. Loves book blog hopping apart from book shopping.
2. On the mission to read 100 books this year despite being tied up with work.
3. As long as I have a book with me, I know I have a company with me. ;)
4. Reading in bed/on a couch when it rains outside is the best feeling ever.
5. Despite wanting to expand the genres I read, I still love Chic-Lits very much; light, easy and fun.

5 other bloggers I'd like to share this award with.
1. The Bibliophile's Lounge
2. Ulat Buku in the City
3. The Sweet Bookshelf
4. So Many Books, So Little Time
5. Confessions of A Bookaholic

Pass it on bookworms! ;)


Gramma Ann said...


I was so glad to pass the award along to you. I enjoy reading your book blog, and just recently ran across it. I like #1,I love to book blog hop also.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Ms Ulat Buku said...

Awwwww... thanks love! I'll post the award up soon... thank you! thank you! thank you! :)

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