Sunday, June 6, 2010

Roald Dahl Bookathon : Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Roald Dahl
Puffin Books

Mr. Fox triggered the anger of the 3 farmers; Boogis, Bunce and Beans when he stole their goods.
This put his entire family in danger. The farmers grew more and more furious each day wanting to catch him.
The farmers started guarding his hole. He could no longer go out and hunt for food. Apparently, the fox family is not the only family affected. Some of the other families affected are of the rabbits and moles. They were unhappy and obviously hungry.
Mr. Fox knew he had to do something. The farmers are digging into his hole. Now every animals are hungry and in danger. Mr. Fox had tried to battle the farmers and as a result lose his tail. After all the digging, he came up with a brilliant idea which is do dig right under the three farmers' barns. The animals then had a feast. They all toasted for Mr.Fox for his idea of endless supply of food.

Side Note:
This story has been made into a movie. Storyline is pretty much different. Mr. Fox in the movie tend to be greedy and got into deeper trouble. If you were to ask me which one I'd prefer, I'd still say the book version of the story. Though so, I admit that there are more elaboration and maybe values in the movie version but yeah, I don't like the fox being greedy part.

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