Sunday, June 20, 2010


Feels good to have this space revamped!
One thing off my bucket list! *Phew!*

Last view before it was revamped.
Means quite a lot to me as I started of with it a lil over a year ago.

I've been trying to get some time to sit down and select a new template but failed. I've been browsing for the right template too but no luck. *Yeah, I can be very fussy. Won't settle for second best until the best is proven unreachable.* Anyhow, here it is. New look! 3 columns like how I've always wanted. Added more widgets and of coz links (refer to the left pane; Other Bookaholicz!)

Side note:
It feels like I just moved to a new house. The widgets are like furnitures and they are super duper awesome because they are FREE! Whhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! =)


Josette said...

Haha! Widgets are really user-friendly aren't they?

Congratulations on the new blog layout! Yeah, it is quite difficult to select a new template for the blog. There's just too many to choose from! :)

. Ruz . said...

Yup yup!!!
I now give up looking for templates. Blogger is simply great. So much flexibility. ^__^

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