Monday, September 9, 2013

Tidal by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking

Gemma is still trying hard to find a way to buy time to break the curse to have her life back. What she doesn't know is that Penn is just waiting for the right replacement before getting rid of her. Everyone is working hard to save Gemma. They have made more friends in order to find the way out for Gemma.

While Gemma is busy looking for the scroll, Daniel made a pack with Penn to keep Gemma and Harper safe. This was kept a secret. Gemma searched highs and lows for the scroll while Penn did the same for her replacement. All Gemma needed is time but time is running out. She is trying her very best to keep Harper out of it. Her father could not take any more of the nuisance. Towards the end, she confronted. Now that the truth is out, she has one less thing to worry about but it only adds more headcount to worry about her.

In this third book, it is all about searching and buying time. There are a little bit of action here and there but not much movements in the storyline. 

p/s: Cant' wait to get into the final book! :) May it has a happy ending.

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