Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sarah Addison Allen 2014 Books

If there is anything about Sarah Addison Allen, it has got to be magical.
I have been quietly wishing for 2014 to come faster so that I can get my hands on the new book titled Lost Lake.

Today, Sarah made an announcement of releasing a book before Lost Lake. :)
It is a short story meant to connect to Lost Lake. Title of the short story is Waking Kate.

Here is the AWESOME news.
It will be released for FREE on Amazon in January 2014!!!!
You can pre-order it now and have it delivered to your Kindle once released. *Soooo can't wait!*

Here's a shot of Sarah's announcement on her Facebook page.

Yes, I have pre-ordered! 

No Kindle? You could probably find an online converter to convert the format which is readable by your reader. Else, there is always Kindle for desktop. ;)

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