Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna and The French Kiss
Stephanie Perkins

Anna was sent to Paris after she has planned how her senior year would be and which university she will apply to. Thanks to her dad. She had to leave behind her pet, younger brother, Sofia(her car), and almost-boyfriend and Bridge, her bestfriend. Well, she practically had to leave behind her life in Atlanta and start go through a new beginning in Paris.

Being a new senior student is never easy. It is even more difficult when you do no speak French. She is only lucky it is an American School in Paris. She made friends with Mer, St.Clair, Josh and Rashmi. Things grew manageable. Anna was able to feed her desire for films as her school is surrounded by theaters. Towards the end of the year, drama took place. She had to face challenges with her friendship and love life. 

Paris became her happy place. She shared a number of similarities with her new friends. She then had to worry about going back to the States. How she will keep her newfound love. How she will ever be apart from him.

p/s: Picked this up when someone on Goodreads mentioned it in Fangirl review. It was deemed to be super sweet. In my opinion, it is not that sweet but it is nice that it has a happy ending. Ending that I am satisfied with. :) If you love the school-dormitory settings, you would love this. If you love Paris and would like to explore the city in bits and pieces,  pick this up!

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