Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell

Twins. Cath and Wren. Close as knit until Wren decided to go on without her twin when she enters freshman year. Cath initially had a hard time getting used to new life without Wren. She felt too lost that even their love for Simon Snow could not help her. 

Wren is on her own planet, Cath struggled with studies, boys and herself. She was just not used to being without Wren and not used to have to open up to other people around her. Confused. Frustrated. Scared. 

While she struggled, she could not write. She just can’t find the juice to write. She managed to get a class under the guidance of a well known writer but she almost threw that away too.

The peak in this story happens when things went wrong. Incidents that almost took away Wren’s and her father’s life. Cath almost gave away her studies. However, it all ends well with everything around her fall into its place. 

p/s: It feels like forever since I last wrote any book reviews. Am putting the blame on Mr.Work! Can’t give this book 5 stars; I prefer a more extensive ending. A more definite happy ending. :p

Brought this book along during my trip to Medan, Indonesia recently. Started reading when the plane took off. My husband complained the book is too thick so it is heavy. C’mon honey, it is only 438 pages including acknowledgement. And it is paperback. I carried my backpack most of the time. :p Occasionally brought the book to dinner and breakfast. I just couldn't put it down for too long. On the flight back, I sat next to my mom. She said “Next time if you really need to bring a book to travel, bring a small and thin book. Why do you have to bring such a thick book?” Seriously? :| She must have teamed up with Mr.Husband. When the flight was descending to land, she said “You are not supposed to read when there are people around. You need to chat. What’s the point of meeting if you don’t talk to people?” Errr….Sorry ma, Rainbow Rowell had me at hello. As always. Now I can’t wait til her next book!

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