Friday, May 9, 2014

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Friday is always a good day for sharing. Well, everyday is good for sharing but Friday makes it extra special because it is the final weekday. ;) If you are often on the lookout for an online converter to convert your documents (images, music and etc), I recommend

Why convertfiles is amazing.

A. It is online
No download or installation required. 

B. Easy to use
It is pretty straightforward but I'll show how a document conversion on convertfiles is done below this list.
No registration required. Converted files are ready for download immediately. Few other converters requires you to email the converted files but with convertfiles, it will be right there for you upon its readiness. :)

C. Extensive options of conversion available
convertfiles allows you to convert almost everything. If you are on kindle, you can easily convert your documents in other formats into .mobi. If you would like it your documents to be converted to words from pdf, convertfiles could do it too! 

Categories of conversion available:
  • Document
  • Drawing
  • Presentation
  • eBook
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Image
  • Archive
How to Convert epub to mobi

1. Launch your internet browser and go to

2. Fill in the fields accordingly.
3. Click Convert.
4. Selected file will be uploaded for conversion.

5. Upon completion of the upload, file will be converted.

6. Once it is ready, link for download will be displayed. 

7. Save the file to your local drive. Done!

Now anything can be read from any of my devices! :)

Happy Friday to all!

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