Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Panic by Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver

Bestfriends Heather, Natalie and Bishop were at the panic game. The annual game with a jackpot of $50,000. Natalie was determined to play while Heather and Bishop gives support. The game started with a jump from a cliff. Rage and frustration triggered Heather to make the jump. Plus, she could use the money to bring her sister Lily a better life. 

Bishop was frustrated that Heather decided to join but he supported his bestfriends anyway. The game has gotten more attention this year as the jackpot is $75,000; the highest in history of the game. The game itself is a mystery. No one knows who the judges are. No one knows who holds the jackpot but one thing they know for sure is someone is watching them.

Most participants had to face a near-death experience. They kept on playing with 1 player eliminated in every round. Everyone has their own objective being the game. The game unfolds what's underneath a friendship, family and other people in their surroundings. There were broken hearts and kids who ran away from their mother. There are also newfound love. Or rather, an acknowledged love.

The judges had to keep going with the challenges. The players keep daring themselves into facing their fears. Cops and hospitals were involved. There were fire and deaths. Will the players keep playing til the end?

p/s: If there is anything I love about Lauren Oliver, it has got to be the realism elements and how love, family and friendship intertwines in her story. This is one of her standalone novel. My previous reads were her Delirium trilogy. I will most probably move on to Before I Fall when I'm done with a few books in my TBR pile. More about panic? Think fear factor. Think teamwork. Think maybe...Hunger Games? A little bit of all but in a very real settings. It is not called realism if it is not real . ;)

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