Saturday, April 11, 2009

Book Exchange!

Gosh! Singapore will be having a Book Exchange!!!! Soooooo nice!
How I wish I could be at the book exhange there!

What's going on?
Public Libraries Singapore will be launching its first Book Exchange on the 25th April this year.It is where everyone could exchange with the books they no longer want or want to keep with some other books they want to have..which happens to be books other readers no longer wants to keep. Wanna read more? Click here.

Lovely right?

Gosh! Malaysia should really have one like this!Especially when we could not stop lusting over books while the eco gets worse. *sigghhhhh*

Maybe I should propose this to the BooksterHub peeps!

Bookster Official Website :

Bookster on Facebook :

p/s: The idea is lovely but I'll still have to go through my bookshelves 10thousand times before I could decide which one I wanna giveaway in exchange with some other books. hihihi *typically me*


Stefen Ng said...

Books exchange?
Sounds GREAT!
But...I also need to considered hundred time before I exchange my books. ><

christinejalleh said...

What a great idea! I always need to clear space from my bookshelves and always have no idea who to give some books I have to.

Can you imagine I had to literally beg some folks to talk a pile of teen reads I had to give up?

KL should give it a go and see if it works! I'd be happy to pick it up in Penang :)

. Ruz . said...

Yeah! Maybe I could propose this idea to BooksterHub when I'm not too bz with work. Hihi

Such a lovely idea.....

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