Saturday, April 11, 2009

Times Bookstore and income tax

Sure we all know we can get RM1000 tax excemption on book purchases.
We know we've spent certain amount of money on books but where are the receipts???
RM1000 is quite a big amount of money...RM1000 tax relief will do great difference to alot of long as they know where the receipts are. =p

Times Bookstore has gone to great extent to help their customers particularly its members with the income tax; they sent a receipt which contains the purchases made throughout the year..and with dates and titles too!

Check the pic below!


Another reason to be a member.

Not a member yet? What are you waiting for? =p

p/s: If only this is also applicable for clothes and shoes purchases...oh..and perfumes and accessories and jewelleries and ...... *sighhh* Yeah...I'm talking 'bout the tax relief thingy. Btw, could they increase it to RM2000 for books?hihihi

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