Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reading on iPhone/iPod Touch

No Kindle? No problemo.
There is iPhone or iPod Touch for those who doesn't wanna get a new phone or simply don't wanna spend too much on a phone.

When I first had an iPhone in my hand, the first application I fell in love with was Stanza. (the iPhone's not mine; my bf'z). He simply downloaded the book titled "Gone With the Wind" but did not read it. I took it as he downloaded it for me. I planned to change to a new phone but the ones I eyed on costs more than RM2k so forget it. Then luck was on my side when a colleague was selling an 8GB iPod Touch at RM750. ;)

There are many applications which are FREE in the iTunes Store. There will be something for everybody. =)

Letz get to reading on iPhone/iPod Touch.
There are many applications available for you to download books such as Stanza and eReader. Those 2 are free. If you are willing to pay, I believe there are more options. My favourite has got to be Stanza.

What's so great?
Allow users to customize the background colour of the ebooks. Users could also customize how they want a page to be flipped, text color, font face, font size, text alignment, margin width and many more!

I'm not too sure if they have the latest books you see in the bookstores but they have books like
1. The Case of Benjamin Button
2. Phantom of the Opera
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and many more.

Love romance? Stanza has a section for Harlequin books; Harlequin 60th - Free Books!
Other categories? They have lotsa Classics, Sci-Fics and even technical IT books! How kewl is that????? =D

I'm yet to explore all because I normally look for books I wanna read. *hihihi*
Can iPhone/iPod Touch read the usual ebook formats like PDF, .doc and .htm? I'm yet to try. LOL. I believe it could. Just need to find the right application to install. ;) Check out the Stanza for Windows. It could convert your ebooks into the format used by the iPod device. This would allow you to get your ebooks onto your iPod device. Looks like I'll "camp" in Gigapedia.
( No idea what Gigapedia is? Click here. )

Wanna know what it looks like to read on an iPod device?
The following are a few related clips I found on YouTube.

Go droooooollll. =p

Application Review by AppVee

Kindle on iPhone ;) Who needs a Kindle? =p

This clip shows how you can get your downloaded ebook on PC onto your iPod device via Stanza.
Accompaniment : Stanza for Windows =)

Stanza Developer site:

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aMiR said...

-"He simply downloaded the book titled "Gone With the Wind" but did not read it. I took it as he downloaded it for me."

Yeap, intended to read it at first but then later i kept it just to interest u on the phone. Hehe it worked to a certain degree. U did get an ipod touch.

Good post btw.

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