Sunday, April 19, 2009

He's Just NOT That Into You

I've not read the book and I know I won't. Thanks to the movie.

I don't know how many percent of the book is adapted into the movie but I assume the main idea is the same(like any other movies based on novels and books). The characters? I don't even want to go there.

Anyway, before you continue reading...This post will be mainly about the movie and I just have to put it here; in my book blog because it is based on a self-improvement book titled; He's Just Not That Into You. This book was published in 2004 written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

A few friends on mine watched this movie already and they said it is nice and told me I should watch it too so I went. Watched it last weekend with my boyfriend and the movie sort of made us feel uneasy.

Here's what we saw in the movie.

It is full of psychos. SERIOUSLY.

a. Gigi is sooo desperate to hook up with somebody. She is always thinking if a guy would call her back or if she should call him back. She couldn't stop checking her voice mail and everytime her mother calls her, she would tell that she would call her mother back and of coz she didn't because she was soooo afraid she's gonna miss the guy's call (whoever the guy she went out with). All she talks about with her colleagues are her theories on why a guy doesn't call her back and etc. There is also one part where she misread mixed signals sent by a guy and threw herself on him. *siiggghh*

b. Beth loves her boyfriend sooo much and has been with him for a very long time but doesn't see herself getting married. Why? Well, she'd love to get married but her boyfriend doesn't believe in marriage. He kept stressing that they can be happy even without getting married and that they do not have anything to prove to everyone else to tell they are happy. She has been in the relationship for years and swallowed the fact that she may not be married at all. Her friends has quite a hard time talking about marriage in front of her. Her bf's role in the movie is very disturbing to me. Don't believe in where does the relationship go to?*haihhh* Beth eventually broke up with her boyfriend as she could not take it anymore. They ended up being together again in the end and guess what? This is one of the 2 happy endings in this movie; her boyfriend who does not believe in marriage finally proposed and I like the way he proposed. Hahaha Think I'd shed happy tears if it happened to me. Hahaha

c. Janine is paranoid about smokers; her father died of cancer. Her husband admitted that he slept with another girl. She wasn't so pleased but she kept him until she found out that her husband smokes. She got furious when she found a box of cigarettes in her bedroom in between the folds of her husband's clothes one day. Well, the idea was that she wasn't so mad about her husband sleeping with another woman because he admitted but she was super mad because her husband lied to her about the smoking part. Hmmmppphhh If you ask me, I'd say...Yes.I'll be mad if I found out he smokes. I'd die if i found out he slept with another woman. He smokes; he dies. He sleeps with someone else; I die. Either way, both is not good. :/ Anyway, Janine and her husband doesn't have sex life. Don't know what is up with her husband. This couple also reveals how guys can lie. Very disturbing too. :(

d. Another girl, Anna. Singer in-the-making. Well, she is the woman Janine's husband slept with. She knows the guy she is sleeping with is married and I guess she loves knowing she is wanted and that guy is willing to give his marriage up until one day the guy got busted. Too bad for the guy. Both women doens't want him. HAHA. So guys, you might end up having the same fate if you cheat! Anyway, back to Anna. When she ditched the unfaithful husband she slept with, she went back to her so-called comfort friend named Ben if I'm not mistaken. She doesn't want anything to do with Ben but she would always lean on him when she needs comfort. Don't know what's her problem. Ben read it wrongly and asked her if she'd like to move in with him in the near future because if she would, he would like to buy a house he is about to sell; Ben is in the real-estate thingy.

e. Mary is almost like Gigi just that she doesn't really throw herself at guys she met. She wouldn't stop wondering if a guy would call her when he says he would.

f. Alex....he seems to be falling for Gigi but he doesnt' realize it. He keeps giving advices about guys to Gigi but he himself doesn't realize he is moving into "that" direction with her. Pretty blind to me. See girls, guys can be nice but that doesn't mean he's into you. =p Anyway, this is the other happy ending. Alex and Gigi hooked up.

There u have it!

After what I've seen, I'm not interested to read the book. =p Sowie.
The movie is pretty disturbing.

You may wonder why I'm talking about a movie in my book blog. This movie is based on a book. Usually, the book is better than the movie (minus Benjamin Button). Some stories are meant to be watched, some others meant to be read but this doesn't appeal to me at all.

p/s: I started this post many many days ago when the movie was still fresh and the disturbing feeling was pretty strong but I didn't manage to complete it til tonite.


ieja said...

you should read the book btw, it's good :)

Stefen Ng said...

Awww...I'm planning to watch this movie with friends.

Should I go to cinema? or just read the book?

. Ruz . said...

Sowie I kinda spoilt it...can't help it. :/ Maybe you should read the book then!hihi

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