Monday, February 16, 2009

Buying books on MPH Online

Ever bought books online?
Well, this is actually my first time. ;) There'z alwayz a first time...rite?
Anyway, I didn't plan to do this but my friend wanted to buy a book for her husband and MPH offers 30% discount if it is bought online. She wanted to buy right away but when she saw delivery is FOC for purchases above RM150, she thought of just dropping the idea. Anyway, the delivery charge is only RM7.

Anyway (just so that we could get free delivery)...I ordered a book my mom had wanted few months ago. Still, it is less than RM150. Thought adding another book would make it RM150, I put into the shopping cart 1 of the book I had in my list. Reach RM150? Nope. I then contacted my bestfriend and asked if she wants to buy a book...and just my luck, she said Yes. ;)

In order to make purchases, you've got to register yourself at MPH Online. Look for the books you'd like to buy and add it to your shopping cart. To confirm the order, you'll need to confirm the shipping address. Best part it, it doesn't always need to be your house as you can opt to send it to other maybe your parents' and friends. Pretty good birthday surprise eh?

Payments can be made via Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa), Cash/Cheque Bank In and Maybank2u. Cash/Cheque Bank In is a new method of pay
ment offered. Not too sure how it works. I paid mine via credit card.

Once you've made the payment, your order will be displayed under the Book Order Status option. Delivery date varies depending on the availability of the books ordered. I placed my order on the 10th of Feb and the expected delivery date is 17th Feb. However, the books were delievered yesterday (16th Feb). Not bad eh? 3 working days only. :)

The delivery was handled by Skynet. I believe the despatch person will call before the package is delievered.

Lemme give you a lil sneak preview of the packaging. ;)

p/s: Sowie if the pics are pretty blurry. Had to rely on the camera phone; cam is still not with me. =p


jiin said...

the memory keeper's daughter! is it good? let me know once you've read it.. it looks interesting, but i haven't gotten myself to one yet! :P

aMiR said...

wah..Free promo for MPH. Maybe u should be gathering fanbase too to get discount vouchers.

Ricebug2 said...

I always want to purchase things, but I scare I will scammed by others.

3 working day yea?Seems like this company is very efficient and trust able.
After reading your post, I might start my online purchasing soon. =P

Thx for your information. =]

MediaMama said...

Ooh...I've got The Memory Keeper's Daughter too. Can't wait to read it :)

. Ruz . said...

jiin & MediaMama, yeah!I can't wait to read it too!!!But i'm still in The Secret...about to toss it away..but still giving it

aMiR, my blog is still soooo new.Barely a size of a pea for MPH to notice...hihihi

Ricebug2,it is good that u're aware of the scams. :) Only trust the official ones. Btw,bear in mind the delivery date depends on the availability of the book(s) u ordered and probably your location too. MPH usually give discounts on new releases and best sellers as well when u buy it online. ;) Go check 'em out!

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