Thursday, August 13, 2009

Double Standards by Judith McNaught

TitleDouble Standards
AuthorJudith McNaught

Judith McNaught's fans must have read this multiple number of times but anyway, here's my little review on this book.

Lauren Danner needed money for her family. Her dad contacted her distant uncle for help. She came just in time for the job. What she didn't know was she was appointed to be a spy on a company which happens to belong to the uncle's stepson. She thought twice about it. She went for the interview at the company she is supposed to spy on; Sinco.

Feeling guilty, she did very badly during the interview to not qualify for the job. Miracle happens right after the interview. She met a little accident where she had the chance to meet the handsome hero in the story, Nick Sinclair (stepson of the distant uncle).

She got accepted for the job she applied for (Thanks to Nick). After some time, she was selected to be Nick's secretary. Both didn't foresee the complications which awaits them. Lauren has been on Nick's side all the while but Nick and everyone else got the wrong idea and sees Lauren as a betrayer. She wasn't allowed in the company's compound. Let alone near Nick.

She went back to her hometown brokenhearted. It took Nick quite some time to realize he had made a mistake.

Beautifully written contemporary romance. :) Very sweeeeeeet. :) A must read for Judith's and romance fans!
p/s: Recommended by a bookworm friend of mine ages ago. Should have read this ages ago too. LOL! Next McNaught's book to be read : Every Breath You Take.Stttaayyy tuneeeddd! ;)
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