Monday, August 17, 2009

Malaysia Bookfest @ KLCC!

Looks like there will be book sales throughout the year! 2009 is definitely not being kind to Penniless Bookaholic Shopaholic *sighhhh* And now the Malaysia Bookfest is back!!! It was held at the same venue last year; KL Convention Center.

No entries on this here as this blog was only started early this year. ;) Anyway, here it is;a little recap on how it was last year.

I'm sure this will be the first question many would ask.
Was it worthied? YES. I remember I ended up buying a lot of books, a few CDs and also a thumbdrive. If I recalled correctly, I spent less than RM150. Discounts were also given on new best selling book; The Lecture was one of it. I remember because I bought 2 in Kinokuniya right before I went to the fest because I wasn't sure of going. Well, I was also alone.

I spent almost 2 or 3 hours there. Yes. The space is wide. Lotsa books. Need to REALY focus else all the books in the world would end up in my basket. Childrens' books were also given great discounts. Sooooooo many books but not too many people. Not great for the exhibitors but great for me. LOL!

When I got there, I was worried they only have Mandarin books coz there was barely any English words. LOL. I dropped by the information counter to ask just to know that there's an entrance fee. Just RM1 or RM2. Too small of an amount for big bargains. Btw, for those of you who reads Mandarin books, it would be great for you too because they have lotttssss and if the layout for the fest remains, you'll be going through the Mandarin books section first before you finally get to the English, Malay, Music and Stationaries corner. I don't read Mandarin but it all looks sooooo nice. The amount of books. The people picking books to have the reviews read.

Such a pleasant sight!

The following are the main info of this year's bookfest.

Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Center
Start Date : 22nd August 2009
End Date : 31st August 2009
Time : 1000 - 2200

For more information, visit

Have fun guyz!!!!! =))

p/s: Should I go? Spent a lot already. There are still lotsa books to be read on my shelves...Hmmmm Gotta think hard coz sales are sooo irresistable. Plus, the new books that I want won't be out til Sept and Oct this year. Probably I should freeze up my credit card in an ice block before I go. And yea...I can only go if I'm not tied up with stuff....esp WORK. Urrggghhhh

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