Friday, August 14, 2009

Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern

Where Rainbows End
Cecelia Ahern
HarperCollins Publishers

Story about bestfriends who grew up together and "wasted" sooo much time and opportunities to be together.They became friends when they were 5. Writing letters to each other is a norm. This book, is filled with letters, notes, emails, chats and the very least; text messages.

Alex and Rosie are the two main characters. Story revolves around these two and the people they encounter and know in their life. Reader will grow from 5 years old to 50 years old with them in this story. From school to college to work. From dating days to marriage years to divorcing pain.

They may not have realized that they are soulmates but there are quite a number of times they could have ended up together. As a start, they couldn't love another person more than they love one another. They having feelings for each other but obviously kept hidden. There were ocassions where they almost got "there" but then again, it didn't happen. There will always be obstacles somewhere along the way.

Throughout the entire book, you can't help wondering when will they ever get to be with each other and will they even have enough time to be with each other? This story will remind people about what fate does to us, humans. And yea...also the fact that,soulmates exist and if it is meant to be, it will be. =)

It is amazing how Cecelia links many letters at one to tell the main story. Trust me 584 pages of communications between many individuals requires a lot more than just good grammar.

I have to say this book has a very down-to-earth characteristic. Nothing over the rainbow kind of fairy tale. It relates very closely to our life;friendship,family,career and etc. As in real life. Nothing like Mr.Tall Dark and Handsome but manly enough to sweep the female characters in the story.

I can't help this but this story may have a perfect ending to many but not quite for me. Why? Well, I love perfect happy endings. I know the whole point is to get them to be together but at 50????....Isn't that a little bit late? They could have enjoyed more if they ended up together after the first failed marriage. Why go through sooo many pain and sorrows? At the age 50, Rosie will look forward to have grandchildren from her daughter Katie. Not have her own with Alex. *siigghhh* Guess Katie and her bestfriend Toby does not repeat the mistakes her mom and Alex had done. =) I believe that is how the writer made up for it.

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