Saturday, August 8, 2009

More New Bookz in 2009

Gooshh! Work has definitely drained I've got lots to catch up on.
Only today I managed to check out if there are any new books to be released by my favourite authors and guess what??? There are!

Every month, there will be a new book to look forward to.

End of July/Early August
(It was scheduled to be released in Aug/Sept 09 but there it is..on the bookshelves end of July 09...and I see it as my August book! =p)

September 2009
October 2009

What these two books are all about?
Click yourself to a brief review on each book mentioned above by clicking on the title. ;)

What's to be released in November and December by the superb authors? I'm yet to know but I do not foresee any because Sophie, Cecelia and Mitch is considered done. Would take a little bit more time until their next book. ;)

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