Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Communicating Effectively by Garry Kranz

Communicating Effectively
Garry Kranz
Hylas Publishing

Here's why I read this book. I read it to improve my emails. I seldom read serious stuff. I'm not so into serious stuff. I am serious when it comes to work but elsewhere I'm more of an easygoing person and I sometimes say crap just to fill in the silence. =p

Well, I've never worked before. Let alone send work-related mails to some team leaders or clients/users. I first had my hands-on during my first assignment. I used to think everybody (in the same department and doing the same thing) would know what kind of problem normally occurs. That's where I went wrong and my supervisor back then pointed that out. He was very helpful and I'm very willing to learn and correct my mistakes. What I did was, before I send a reply, I would send it to him first for review. Well, that is first hand learning. Admitting that you do not know something is not something embarrassing. That is just how learning is. Don't forget to thank the "teacher" too. ;)

I figured out there are more things I need to know about writing emails especially when it is sent to people outside your company from your email address with the company's name. With that, I bought this book with the interest to learn thoroughly. I won't say my emails are now perfect or very impressive but I know the common do's and dont's.

The book is quite small and thin. Besides email, it covers other means of communication such as Instant Messaging, answering a phone call and writing business-related documents; letters,memos and report. Samples are provided when applicable. Do's and Dont's are listed in between sub-topics. The contents are direct. Final chapter recaps mentioned tips in each chapter in the book.

Who I'd recommend this book to?
Anybody who would like to improve their communication skills related to work especially if you deal a lot with clients and people of higher ranks. For those who has been communicating for years, no harm to read to ensure you've got all the things covered and done well.

Here is a quote I used to write on some of the first pages of my books back in uni.

"That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you have understood all your life but in a new way." -Dorris Lessing-

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