Friday, January 9, 2009

What bookshelves?

A blog for me to crap about books :)
I initially thought of coming up with this blog to dump my list of books available for rental. This is only available for my friends. ;) After some thoughts, I think I would like to have a blog dedicated to books and ONLY books.

I love books. I love reading but no I do not read 24/7. I read when there is time and when I'm not too tired. When I'm tired, I'm just like the rest of you guyz; I lay flat on my bed and zoom to dreamland. :)

I buy books. I buy and buy.....and buy. *depending on my mood*
As of now, I'm yet to find a place where I can dump my excel sheet for you to view.
Will get it uploaded asap.

Welcome to all booklovers, bookworms and social readers (is there such group of peeps?).

Feel free to suggest, share or even comment. And do come back.
I believe there is always room for improvement. ;)


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