Sunday, January 11, 2009

What it was like at the Times Warehouse Sale

Reached there about 11:30am. Weren't many people 'til the clock struck 12 ;) Didn't take many pics coz I drowned in the sea of books after 5mins stepping into the warehouse area.

What I saw?
On 'da way to the sale area, Times banners were placed on some pillars so that people won't get lost *as if u can get lost in Damas* :P

As I approached the area.Saw IT books, health books, cooking books, Harry Potter hardcover book at 50% off, John C. Maxwell books, Francine Pascal books for your teenage kids, some stationaries, VCDs and DVDs, kids' books, Interior Designing book, books on hobbies such as knitting and beadings, book on management, photography and many many more. See it for'll need time to look through the sections though. Books are not arranged in any manner. Well, 90% are arranged based on the 3 for 10.


3 for 10, 30% for international books, 30%, 50%, 70% and 90% discount for selected titles, orginal VCDs and DVDs, RM10 books, RM12 books and many many many more. Bring your kids along. They will surely find something they like too. :) They accept credit cards...and ladies, no worries about your handbag.

How much I've spent?
Above RM190 but less than RM200 for 20 books. :)
Bought 6 for my brothers, 1 for my dad, 2 for my mom, 1 for my boyfriend and 1 for his brother. The rest are all mine....*ngehngehngeh*

Yesterday, I completed my Cecelia Ahern collection. Today, I completed my Sophie Kinsella collection. 30% for International Books remember? ;)

Oh ya! One more thing...My bestfriend and I paid separately but later combined our receipts to receive RM10 vouchers. Expires in Feb...another reason to buy another book? Maybe..else I'll gove it to a friend. :) We then went to another warehouse sale but the sale is not related to books at I'm not gonna talk about it here. :p

Tips : Go early so that you have more time to go through all the books sections. All kinds of books are all over the place. You'll never know what you'll find. Wash your hands after you're done buying; some books are quite dusty.


Nor said...

its ok to spent ur money on books coz its last long..n worth than anything..

Kay Nny Lee said...

Hohohoho, I guess I'll die if my room full of books :(


Hi Ruz,

What a wonderful blog you have here. I've one related to books ( and you're very much welcome to visit ...

I went to the Warehouse Sale yesterday and came back with 30 books. It's cheaper compare to MPH Sale in Bandar Utama last year.


Discreet Scribbler said...

Thanks Rizal.

Very nice of u to drop by. :)
Will drop by yours sooooooooon

smallkucing said...

A good blog. Thank's for the reply about Brisingr.

Wow! My friend will be jealous. She is a fan of C.Ahern. As for me, I'm crazy about Jodi. Together with a Friend, we share the complete collection of Jodi'd book.

Gosh my feet are itchy to go but CNY is coming and PLB sale is coming too...expenses expenses.

Discreet Scribbler said...

30% off!!!!
So is RM10 off...hihihi
Won't hurt to drop by.

Anna said...

Thanks for the info Ruz. I wouldn't have known about the sale otherwise. ;) I added a link to your post from my blog.

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