Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's on YOUR bookshelf????

Sure you have more than a book on your shelf....or shelves,rite?????
Well,lemme share what I've got. ;)

  • IT
  • Fiction
  • Cookery
  • Business
  • Romance
  • Self-Help
  • Reference
  • Non-Fiction
  • Chic-Lit (A MUST!) ;)

No thrillers and sci-fiction for me. And Don't bother looking for Harry Potter stuff too. Just something I can't relate to. Some stuff are meant to be watched. :p

AUTHORS..not gonna list all but I'm just gonna list a few who has more than 1 book on my shelves. ;)

I've managed to list my collections here. There are still quite a number of bookz I'm yet to add; will it keep updated when I have the opportunity to. ;) To have a virtual bookshelf, go to LibraryThing. (Don't forget to share!)

Btw, if you happen to not have books on your bookshelf/bookshelves, start reading or lemme have the shelves. ;)

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