Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Don't understand what a word means?
Well,letz face it. We may love bookz and even read gazillion books already but no doubt we still meet Mr. Unknown Word. :)

My first dictionary was given to me when I was 6 years old. Nice and simple one. My dad taught me how to look up for words. Ever since that, I tend to underline some words I bump into while reading my story books or jot it down on a piece of paper.

Best part is, pick up new words and use them. :) *No,I dunno too many words. :/ still picking up*
As of now, I have to dig real hard to find the time to read sometimes so when I bump into a word I do not understand, I would read the sentence a few times and try to make out what it means. Easy-peasy. Well, I'm still friends with Mr. Dictionary. :)

My favourite is the webster I got free for 1-year subscription of Reader's Digest in 2000.
May not be complete but I'm satisfied with it. :) 99% of the time I could find the words I look for.

When I'm online, I go to the following dictionaries. :) Very helpful. Pronunciation is also provided so that we don't say the word wrongly. Nice eh? ;)

Where I click to? Read on. :)

A. Dictionary.com
Simple and easy to use. Provides synonyms and pronunciation. Sometimes I don't even read the meaning; check out its synonyms. Thesaurus is in a different tab.

B. The Free Dictionary
Thesaurus in the same page...all you need to do is scroll down after the search result is returned.
Its homepage has little games like Hangman, Spelling Bee and few others. Shall you need to refer to other dictionaries like Legal and Medical ones, it is just one tab away. ;) They have a tab on Idioms as well!!!

C. The Urban Dictionary
The name represents the dictionary. Contrtibutors come from everyone. Adding a new word into the dictionary requires few verifications but it is pretty simple. For each word, similar words and how it is normally used is given as well. Very useful if the word you are looking for is a slang. This is where you can find the word "nimbo". :p

Got any other dictionairies you like online? Or any better ones? Feel free to share. :)

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