Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Gift by Cecelia Ahern

The Gift
Cecelia Ahern
FSC + HarperCollins

The storyline is nice. You won't know where it is leading to unless you continue reading and you won't know what the gift is until you finish reading it. As expected, you'll need to get your head into the book to get into the story. Be patient. Continue reading and you'll wanna read til the end. Well, what I'm not happy about is the ending. Why can't all books have happy endings? Why can't all movies have happy endings? I think it is just me but I really love it when the ending of a story is a happy one. The happy part is when the main character realized he made a mistake by neglecting his wife and kids and others around him. The very sad part is he.....ok maybe I shouldn't spoil it. Well, I believe the ending is meant to be as it is to leave some impact to the readers. I almost cried (but I didn't =p ) when I saw where it was leading and at the same time hoped it won't end like how I thought it would but it did. :( Pretty sad Christmas story but I believe it could make you more or less appreciate those around you better...esp the workaholics out there. Go home to your husband/wife and kids! Make them feel loved.

Will I change the ending if I could? Absolutely YES! This guy admits his mistakes....he has changed...c'mon Cecelia..hihihi

Who I'd recommend this book to?
Those who works super hard and forgot they have their loved ones waiting for them at home everyday or those who forgot to live their lives like normal people would; i.e. keeping in touch with families and relatives, get married and have kids and watch them grow and of coz enjoy the weekends. ;)

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