Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kindle 2

Wouldn't it be lovely to have something to read everywhere you go everytime? Sure it is! Especially when you have to wait for someone, line up while waiting for your turn to order your food, wait for food, wait for a cab and ...Waiting sucks and the only thing which could help to control the anger is r.e.a.d.i.n.g. Here's a device which could enable you to bring more than 50books with you wherever you go; Mr. Kindle 2!

For those of you who have never heard of Kindle, here's a link to read up and catch up. ;)
It was developed by Amazon in 2007. Kindle 2 is born this year; 2009! It is made to be an ebook reader. Users can purchase their books on Amazon and read it right away anywhere they are provided that they have internet connection to make purchases.

Could it read normal ebook formats like HTML, .doc, pdf and etc? I believe it could as Amazon offers the service to convert it to AZW, which is the format supported by Kindle.

What's so special?
1. Paper-like display
2. Built-in dictionary...*shweeettt*
3. Light & THIN; thinner than a pencil!
4. Its battery could last up to more than a week! Myyyyy how kewl is that???!!!

I'm not gonna cover ALL 'ere. Wanna know more? Visit Kindle 2 on Amazon.

You can also watch its review on YouTube.

Excited about it yet? Wanna know the price of one unit? USD359...that should be about RM1312.50. Expensive? Don't worry. I doubt it will even be in Malaysia. Previous Kindle was only available in the US. :|

Would I like to have one? Sure! Why not right? Please gimme atleast 200books in it too. =p
It would be nice to have it but I can do without it. Plus, I've got my Mr. iPod Touch and I can read ebooks on it too! :D

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