Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love Story by Erich Segal

Love Story
Erich Segal

Quite a typical love story about two young lovers; Oliver Barrett and Jenny Cavilleri. One from a very wealthy family and the other came from a poor one. Guy is very famous and girl loves music. Oliver left his family when he decided to marry Jenny right after their college graduation. Since Oliver's dad wouldn't support him financially, they went through alot to make ends meet.
I find their love a little odd and cute at the same time. Oliver relationship with his father IS odd. He refers to his dad as "son of a b*tch" and "stone". Guess it is a result of his high expectations for his son. *siigghhh*

Jenny's father on the other hand is like any other fathers who loves their child sooo much. He gave blessing to their marriage as he sees that his daughter is happy. He accepts the way things are between Oliver and his family and their religous view. The only thing that matters to him is that his daughter is happy, loved and well-cared for. Unlike other parents, he didn't ask how Oliver is going to feed his daughter. hihihi

Oliver managed to get his law cert and got a job with a high-paying salary. Their marriage got a lot better. With the stability, they decided to try for a baby. That is when everything starts to collapse. Well, not everything. He still has his job and he eventually reconciled with his father.

Think I might read this book again. It makes me go up and down the slopes in such a short timeframe. Maybe because of its length of story. At one point, you'd be laughing at how funny their conversations are. Others you'd feel low,angry.....

Note : No picture taken for this book; ebook. Yeah...I couldn't wait 'til the time I wanna spend my bucks to get it. Downloaded it right after I came back from Kino.Though I've read, I still would like a copy!hihihi


christinejalleh said...

This is one of my favourite books! I was really lucky someone could even buy a copy because it's such an old book.

Wait till you watch the 70s movie - it'll really make you cry!

I know I'd give anything to find the sequel to this book LOL

. Ruz . said...

It has a movie too????
Now i need to look up for it! Hihi

Yea. Itz an old book but I think they republished it. Saw it in Kino; only 2 copies left!!! :O

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