Monday, February 2, 2009

A Child Called 'It' by David Pelzer

A Child Called 'It'
David Pelzer
Orion Books Ltd.

This book tells the story how Dave was abused from the age 4 to 12. His mother was a very nice woman in the beginning; someone who nurtures and loves her children like any other mothers out there. However, after a period of time she turned into a 'witch' and did the things humans won't even do to an animal. Dave has 4 other siblings but he is the only one abused with the reason he is a 'bad boy'. There were days he went without food. His clothes has more holes than a cottage cheese. His everyday chores have to be done no matter what his condition is. His blanket is newspapers and his bedroom is the basement with no light or bed. His mother doesn't acknowledge his being in the house and in the family. His father tried to tone her down but failed everytime. His father then decided to leave the house.By his father's departure, Dave knew his only hope for safety and love is gone. He struggled in school where other kids called him names, isolated him, beated him and many more. He even lose faith in God. His faith is only in himself to survive another day by telling himself that he will never give in to his mother. He was eventually saved by the teachers in school.

Who I'd recommend this book to?
Everybody. The story is simply very heartbreaking. It makes us aware of child abuse. It also makes us see how inhuman it is. Well, I believe there are more cases now as our living gets more and more demanding. Moreover, Dave's case is the third-worst case of child abuse record in California.

There are two more books written by the author as the continuity on how he survived;
- The Lost Boy (aged 12 to 18)
- A Man Named Dave

I saw The Lost Boy at the Axcess Bookstore but didn't get it last time. If I happen to go there again, I'm surely gonna grab it. (Mr. Boyfriend, please do not be cross. You know I can't help it; won't be satisfied until I know ALL!)

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Netherland said...

This book is about a child, who once had a very wonderful life. He and his family (his mother, father, and two brothers) would go on picnics and to the park quit often. They would have a great time. Then when he was in second grade the child's mother was beginning to change. She became very mean and abusive. She would harm the boy way more often than the other two children. The child's father was a firefighter and was not home very much. But of course, when he was home, the child felt much safer. This went on through his whole life, but in order to find out the rest, you have to read the other two books that go along with it The Lost Boy and A Man Named Dave.

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