Monday, March 23, 2009

How To Buy A Book?

Everyone has their own ways to pick a book to read and It differs just like how our interests differs. I have quite a number of friends who would ask me what I'm reading and if I have any books I'd recommend them to read.
It may be quite a simple question for some but sometimes I feel it is quite difficult to answer. Why? I don't really know what kind of books you enjoy reading. You may not like what I like and I may not read what you like. Reading is all about interest. Why would you wanna read a abook you're not interested in? Rite? No doubt the answer won't be a yes when it come to educational books. Most of the time, textbooks are read coz it has to be read. LOL.
I'm no expert but here's how I usually pick my books. ;)
1. Purpose of reading? Gain knowlegde?Leisure?
2. Decide on the genre. i.e. Fiction? Non-Fiction? IT? Business? Self-help...etc? This is pretty much directly related to the first point.
3. Select books with the most relevant titles to the subject I'm looking for...or in some case, something which makes me feel like picking. =p
4. Read the review at the back of each books. Not interesting? Put it back on the shelf. =p
5. Look at the font used in the book. VERY CRUCIAL. If the fonts are too big, it makes you feel like you are reading a book meant for kids. Too small would hurt your eyes. Well, then again it depends on you. I'm comfortable with size 12. ;) If it is an educational book, do look at how the contents are presented.
6. Price and publisher. Some books are published by multiple publishers and prices might differ. This is when you can decide if you wanna judge the book by its cover or not. =p Don't think I need to elaborate more on this. ;)

Some lil tips. ;)

Most bookstores wrap their books. Well, they do this to protect the books. Sometimes only one book is left opened for readers viewing. Sometimes, none is. Well, to those who doesn't frequent the bookstores that much would find it difficult to decide on a book when it is wrapped. No worries. You can proceed to the Customer Service/Information counter and request to get the book(s) opened. You have all the rights in the world to do this. =D When you are done, do not leave the book wherever you please; return it to the counter.

Hope this helps.

Enjoy shopping for books! :)


SuNshinE said...

point no 5..hahaha...i agree..

christinejalleh said...

Good tips! Sounds like a meme too LOL

. Ruz . said...

Thank you. :)

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