Saturday, March 28, 2009

eBook Readers

Remember Mr.Kindle? ;)
Well, if you don't, click here to get to my post about it in February.It is quite unfortunate that it is not supported in Malaysia.
We've talked about Bookstores Wars, sibling rivals and how other countries envy another country when it has the tallest building...tallest tower and etc. Same case with eBook readers. Besides Kindle from Amazon, there are other ebook readers such as the following.
1. Papyrus by Samsung
2. iRex iLiad by Philips
3. Fujitsu Flepia and many many more...huhuhu
Sounds strange to you? Never heard of them?
Go to this site to see read more about it. ;) Who knows if you could even afford one. ;)
The site introduces Papyrus and later on talks a little about other ebook readers.
I think I like the Plastic Logic; it could read some common ebook formats like .doc and .pdf. Maybe it could read .html as well. :)
Which one would you like? ;)

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