Saturday, March 21, 2009


Finally!!!! Urgh! I don't know how many times I've walked into MPH and Kinokuniya to look for this Mag; SURF! Only yesterday I see it on the rack. *phew*

Well, they don't seem to publish the mag every month....and unfortunately, i dunno how often they come out with a new issue. :
Why I like SURF!?
1. Malaysian and soooo related to the current IT stuff we have in Malaysia and of coz around the world too (esp if any of it affects our IT world in Msia)
2. They don't juz talk too much about Hardware, Games and Gadgets. They cover lil of this and that and almost all they put in their issues are of coz interesting. :)
3. Tips and tips and tips. From Windows shortcuts to how to undelete your files. =p
4. A lil bit about IT-related business.
5. A lil bit about gadgets.
6. A lil bit 'bout web-tech.
7. They highlight some websites and blogs too! =)

Non-IT person? No worries. I believe everybody could enjoy reading it.

As long as you love the Internet, blogging, online business, gadgets, IT tips, knows Google and Facebook....well, need I list down more? I don't think so...well. they cover all that. =p
To game addicts, you may prefer something else. =p

Here's my copy!
Think I should just subscribe. Save the hassle... *sweat* Subscription for 12 issues is RM105. That is inclusive of 25% discount on each issue and RM24 postal delivery charge. It is selling at RM9 at newstand. To have a sneak peak of what they have in the mag, click here!

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