Sunday, March 1, 2009

Too Many Books

How many books are too many? Many a time I've been told to not buy anymore books, throw my books away, give 'em away or ..... No way I'll ever throw them away. I BOUGHT them! Plus, I will never ever throw away my reference books. You'll never know when you need 'em. Give them away? Depends. I gave away quite a number of books to the orphanage. Stop buying books??? You gotta be kidding me!

Well, some will tell me its a waste of money. I can't believe anyone would ever say that. How can reading waste your time? They should see themselves watching the idiot box and compare with reading. =p I know there are ebooks now. I read them from time to time but the feel is different. SERIOUSLY. Can borrow 'em from the library? Funny. The libraries don't seem to have new books. If you wanna focus on your history project, that might be the best place to look for info. What's best? Income tax reduction people. Well, for those who are making alot of bucks won't care but those who are like me, 1 thousand bucks is something! ;)

What triggered this topic? I've recently rearranged my books...thanks to the Rainbow Bookshelf. No. I DO NOT HAVE A RAINBOW BOOKSHELF. It doesn't seem to turn out like a rainbow. :( Need more books. =p

Back to the first question, how many books are too many? Too many books will never occur. Seriously. The one thing which is lacking is a nice big bookshelf to accommodate the books. :)

I bumped into a wiki which shares how to stop accommodating books. Some of the given tips are make a "to buy" list, give away books which are not worth keeping and et cetera. If you'd like to view the list,click here.

What have I done to cut down the number of books I've got?
1. Sold them online.
2. Gave 'em away to the less privileged.
3. Pass it on to my brothers.
4. Keep it elsewhere. =p
(Hope this list could grow til I could have a nice BIG bookshelf.)

A member of BooksterHub on Facebook shared some links to the event hosted by Scholastic last year where they encouraged kids to read and give away books to the less privileged. I hope I will not be too busy when the next one is held so that I could gather the storybooks my brothers do not want anymore and donate them. :) IF anybody happens to want to collect books for this cause, do inform me. Thanks. :)


christinejalleh said...

Hahaha, I know what you mean!

Half the space in our apartment is filled with books too...

It was tough giving / selling some books but I had to make space. One of the treasures I should have held on to is my Form 3 recipe book!

I love your blog :) Just got started with mine and I'm not familiar with Blogger.

Could you show me how you add that "Read more..." function? It's easy with Wordpress.

Ruz said...

Dropped by your blog. =) Good start i see...well,I just started mine in Jan this year. ;)

Have fun blogging...and yeah,Reading! =)

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